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  • بردشان بر گور او بنمود راه ** پس سه‌روزه داشتند از بهر شاه 1175
  • She took them and showed the way to his grave: then they kept a three days' fast for the sake of the King.
  • بعد از آن گفتند ای بابا به ما ** شاه پیغامی فرستاد از وجا
  • After that they said, “O father, the King in consternation hath sent us a message
  • که دو مرد او را به تنگ آورده‌اند ** آب رویش پیش لشکر برده‌اند
  • (To say) that two men have brought him to sore straits and have destroyed his prestige with the army.
  • نیست با ایشان سلاح و لشکری ** جز عصا و در عصا شور و شری
  • There is not with them any weapons or soldiers; nothing but a rod, and in the rod is a calamity and bane.
  • تو جهان راستان در رفته‌ای ** گرچه در صورت به خاکی خفته‌ای
  • Thou art gone into the world of the righteous, though to outward seeming thou liest in a tomb.
  • آن اگر سحرست ما را ده خبر ** ور خدایی باشد ای جان پدر 1180
  • If that is magic, inform us; and if it be divine, O spirit of our father,
  • هم خبر ده تا که ما سجده کنیم ** خویشتن بر کیمیایی بر زنیم
  • (In that case) also inform us, so that we may bow down (before them) and bring ourselves in touch with an elixir.
  • ناامیدانیم و اومیدی رسید ** راندگانیم و کرم ما را کشید
  • We are despairing, and a hope has come; we are banished, and Mercy has drawn us (towards favour).”
  • جواب گفتن ساحر مرده با فرزندان خود
  • How the dead magician answered his sons.
  • گفتشان در خواب کای اولاد من ** نیست ممکن ظاهر این را دم زدن
  • He said to them in (their) dream, "O my sons, it is not possible (to speak) openly: do not utter this (request)."
  • فاش و مطلق گفتنم دستور نیست ** لیک راز از پیش چشمم دور نیست
  • It is not permitted to me to speak openly and freely, yet the mystery is not far from mine eye.