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  • وعده‌هاشان کرد و پیشین هم بداد ** بندگان و اسپان و نقد و جنس و زاد
  • He made promises to them, and also gave them in advance slaves and horses and money and goods and provisions.
  • بعد از آن می‌گفت هین ای سابقان ** گر فزون آیید اندر امتحان
  • After that, he was saying, “Hark, O ye that are foremost (in your art), if ye prove superior in the trial,
  • برفشانم بر شما چندان عطا ** که بدرد پرده‌ی جود و سخا
  • I will scatter over you so many gifts that the veil of bounty and munificence will be rent.”
  • پس بگفتندش به اقبال تو شاه ** غالب آییم و شود کارش تباه
  • Then they said to him, “Through thy fortune, O King, we shall prevail, and his cause shall be ruined.
  • ما درین فن صفدریم و پهلوان ** کس ندارد پای ما اندر جهان 1250
  • We are heroes and champions in this art: no one in the world can resist us.”
  • ذکر موسی بند خاطرها شدست ** کین حکایتهاست که پیشین بدست
  • The mention of Moses has become a chain (obstruction) to the thoughts (of my readers), (for they think) that these are stories (of that) which happened long ago.
  • ذکر موسی بهر روپوشست لیک ** نور موسی نقد تست ای مرد نیک
  • The mention of Moses serves for a mask, but the Light of Moses is thy actual concern, O good man.
  • موسی و فرعون در هستی تست ** باید این دو خصم را در خویش جست
  • Moses and Pharaoh are in thy being: thou must seek these two adversaries in thyself.
  • تا قیامت هست از موسی نتاج ** نور دیگر نیست دیگر شد سراج
  • The (process of) generation from Moses is (continuing) till the Resurrection: the Light is not different, (though) the lamp has become different.
  • این سفال و این پلیته دیگرست ** لیک نورش نیست دیگر زان سرست 1255
  • This earthenware lamp and this wick are different, but its light is not different: it is from Yonder.