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  • ذوق نکته‌ی عشق از من می‌رود ** نقش خدمت نقش دیگر می‌شود 1375
  • The savour of Love's mystery will go from me, the form of piety will be deformed.
  • مثل در بیان آنک حیرت مانع بحث و فکرتست
  • A parable illustrating the fact that (mystical) bewilderment prevents investigation and consideration.
  • آن یکی مرد دومو آمد شتاب ** پیش یک آیینه دار مستطاب
  • A certain man, whose hair was of two colours, came in haste to a highly esteemed barber.
  • گفت از ریشم سپیدی کن جدا ** که عروس نو گزیدم ای فتی
  • He said, “Remove the hoariness from my beard, for I have chosen a new bride, O young man.”
  • ریش او ببرید و کل پیشش نهاد ** گفت تو بگزین مرا کاری فتاد
  • He cut off his beard and laid the whole of it before him, and said, “Do thou pick out (the white hairs), for it happens that I have some important business.”
  • این سال وآن جوابست آن گزین ** که سر اینها ندارد درد دین
  • That “pick (them) out” is dialectic, for religious emotion has no care for these things (hair-splitting disputes).
  • آن یکی زد سیلیی مر زید را ** حمله کرد او هم برای کید را 1380
  • A certain man slapped Zayd on the neck; he (Zayd) at once rushed at him with warlike purpose.
  • گفت سیلی‌زن سالت می‌کنم ** پس جوابم گوی وانگه می‌زنم
  • The assailant said, “I will ask thee a question, so answer me (first) and then strike me.
  • بر قفای تو زدم آمد طراق ** یک سالی دارم اینجا در وفاق
  • I struck the nape of thy neck, and there was the sound of a slap: at this point I have a question (to ask thee) in concord:
  • این طراق از دست من بودست یا ** از قفاگاه تو ای فخر کیا
  • Was this sound caused by my hand or by the nape of thy neck, O pride of the noble?”
  • گفت از درد این فراغت نیستم ** که درین فکر و تفکر بیستم
  • He (Zayd) said, “On account of the pain I have no leisure to stop (occupy myself) in this reflection and consideration.