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  • هیچ یک ذره نیفتد در خیال ** یا به طعن طاعنان رنجورحال
  • Not the least jot will he fall into phantasy or sickness on account of the taunts of the scoffers.
  • مثال رنجور شدن آدمی بوهم تعظیم خلق و رغبت مشتریان بوی و حکایت معلم
  • Parable of a man's being made (spiritually) ill by vain conceit of the veneration in which he is held by the people and of the supplication addressed to him by those seeking his favour; and the (following) story of the Teacher.
  • کودکان مکتبی از اوستاد ** رنج دیدند از ملال و اجتهاد
  • The boys in a certain school suffered at the hands of their master from weariness and toil.
  • مشورت کردند در تعویق کار ** تا معلم در فتد در اضطرار
  • They consulted about (the means of) stopping (his) work, so that the teacher should be reduced to the necessity (of letting them go),
  • چون نمی‌آید ورا رنجوریی ** که بگیرد چند روز او دوریی
  • (Saying), “Since no illness befalls him, which would cause him to take absence for several days,
  • تا رهیم از حبس و تنگی و ز کار ** هست او چون سنگ خارا بر قرار 1525
  • So that we might escape from (this) imprisonment and confinement and work, (what can we do?). He is fixed (here), like a solid rock.”
  • آن یکی زیرکتر این تدبیر کرد ** که بگوید اوستا چونی تو زرد
  • One, the cleverest (of them all), planned that he should say, “Master, how are you (so) pale?
  • خیر باشد رنگ تو بر جای نیست ** این اثر یا از هوا یا از تبیست
  • May it be well (with you)! Your colour is changed: this is the effect either of (bad) air or of a fever.”
  • اندکی اندر خیال افتد ازین ** تو برادر هم مدد کن این‌چنین
  • (He continued), “At this he (the master) will begin to fancy a little (that he is ill): do you too, brother, help (me) in like manner.
  • چون درآیی از در مکتب بگو ** خیر باشد اوستا احوال تو
  • When you come in through the door of the school, say (to him), ‘Master, is your state (of health) good?’
  • آن خیالش اندکی افزون شود ** کز خیالی عاقلی مجنون شود 1530
  • (Then) that fancy of his will increase a little, for by a fancy a sensible man is driven mad.