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  • آن یکی زیرکتر این تدبیر کرد ** که بگوید اوستا چونی تو زرد
  • One, the cleverest (of them all), planned that he should say, “Master, how are you (so) pale?
  • خیر باشد رنگ تو بر جای نیست ** این اثر یا از هوا یا از تبیست
  • May it be well (with you)! Your colour is changed: this is the effect either of (bad) air or of a fever.”
  • اندکی اندر خیال افتد ازین ** تو برادر هم مدد کن این‌چنین
  • (He continued), “At this he (the master) will begin to fancy a little (that he is ill): do you too, brother, help (me) in like manner.
  • چون درآیی از در مکتب بگو ** خیر باشد اوستا احوال تو
  • When you come in through the door of the school, say (to him), ‘Master, is your state (of health) good?’
  • آن خیالش اندکی افزون شود ** کز خیالی عاقلی مجنون شود 1530
  • (Then) that fancy of his will increase a little, for by a fancy a sensible man is driven mad.
  • آن سوم و آن چارم و پنجم چنین ** در پی ما غم نمایند و حنین
  • After us let the third (boy) and the fourth and the fifth show sympathy and sorrow likewise,
  • تا چو سی کودک تواتر این خبر ** متفق گویند یابد مستقر
  • So that, when with one consent thirty boys successively tell this story, it may find lodgement (in his mind).”
  • هر یکی گفتش که شاباش ای ذکی ** باد بختت بر عنایت متکی
  • Each (of the boys) said to him (the ringleader), “Bravo, O sagacious one! May your fortune rest on the favour (of God)!”
  • متفق گشتند در عهد وثیق ** که نگرداند سخن را یک رفیق
  • They agreed, in firm covenant, that no fellow should alter the words;
  • بعد از آن سوگند داد او جمله را ** تا که غمازی نگوید ماجرا 1535
  • And afterwards he administered an oath to them all, lest any tell-tale should reveal the plot.