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  • همچنین تا وهم او قوت گرفت ** ماند اندر حال خود بس در شگفت
  • (They continued) in like manner, until his imagination gained strength and he was left marvelling exceedingly as to his state (of health).
  • بیمار شدن فرعون هم به وهم از تعظیم خلقان
  • How Pharaoh was made (spiritually) ill by vain imagination arising from the people's reverence (for him).
  • سجده‌ی خلق از زن و از طفل و مرد ** زد دل فرعون را رنجور کرد 1555
  • The people's prostrating themselves—women, children, and men—smote the heart of Pharaoh and made him ill.
  • گفتن هریک خداوند و ملک ** آنچنان کردش ز وهمی منهتک
  • Every one's calling him lord and king made him so tattered (infamous) from a vain imagination,
  • که به دعوی الهی شد دلیر ** اژدها گشت و نمی‌شد هیچ سیر
  • That he dared to pretend to divinity: he became a dragon and would never be sated.
  • عقل جزوی آفتش وهمست و ظن ** زانک در ظلمات شد او را وطن
  • Imagination and opinion are the bane of the particular (discursive) reason, because its dwelling-place is in the darkness.
  • بر زمین گر نیم گز راهی بود ** آدمی بی وهم آمن می‌رود
  • If there be a path half an ell wide on the ground, a man will walk safely without imagining;
  • بر سر دیوار عالی گر روی ** گر دو گز عرضش بود کژ می‌شوی 1560
  • (But) if you walk on the top of a high wall, you will stagger even if its width be two ells;
  • بلک می‌افتی ز لرزه‌ی دل به وهم ** ترس وهمی را نکو بنگر بفهم
  • Nay, through (the force of) imagination and from trembling of heart, you will be (on the point of) falling. Consider well and understand the fear that is due to imagination.
  • رنجور شدن اوستاد به وهم
  • How the teacher was made ill by imagination.
  • گشت استا سست از وهم و ز بیم ** بر جهید و می‌کشانید او گلیم
  • The master became unnerved by imagination and dread; he sprang up and began to drag his cloak along,
  • خشمگین با زن که مهر اوست سست ** من بدین حالم نپرسید و نجست
  • Angry with his wife and saying, “Her love is weak: I am in this state (of health), and she did not ask and inquire.