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  • گفت استا راست می‌گوید روید ** درد سر افزون شدم بیرون شوید
  • The master said, “He is speaking the truth: depart. My headache is worse: go out (of the house)!”
  • خلاص یافتن کودکان از مکتب بدین مکر
  • How the boys escaped from school by this trick.
  • سجده کردند و بگفتند ای کریم ** دور بادا از تو رنجوری و بیم 1590
  • They bowed and said, “O honoured sir, may illness and danger be far from you!”
  • پس برون جستند سوی خانه‌ها ** همچو مرغان در هوای دانه‌ها
  • Then they bounded off to their homes, like birds in desire of grain.
  • مادرانشان خشمگین گشتند و گفت ** روز کتاب و شما با لهو جفت
  • Their mothers became angry with them and said, “A school-day and you at play!”
  • عذر آوردند کای مادر تو بیست ** این گناه از ما و از تقصیر نیست
  • They offered excuses (every one of them), saying, “Stop, mother! This sin does not proceed from us and is not caused by our fault.
  • از قضای آسمان استاد ما ** گشت رنجور و سقیم و مبتلا
  • By the destiny of Heaven our master has become ill and sick and afflicted.”
  • مادران گفتند مکرست و دروغ ** صد دروغ آرید بهر طمع دوغ 1595
  • The mothers said, “It is a trick and a lie: ye bring forward a hundred lies because of your greed for buttermilk.
  • ما صباح آییم پیش اوستا ** تا ببینیم اصل این مکر شما
  • In the morning we will come to (visit) the master, that we may see (what is at) the bottom of this trick of yours.”
  • کودکان گفتند بسم الله روید ** بر دروغ و صدق ما واقف شوید
  • “Go in God's name,” said the boys; “inform yourselves as to our lying or telling the truth.”
  • رفتن مادران کودکان به عیادت اوستاد
  • How the mothers of the boys went to visit the sick master.
  • بامدادان آمدند آن مادران ** خفته استا همچو بیمار گران
  • At morning those mothers came; (they found) the master in bed like one who is gravely ill,