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  • آمد الهامش که یکچندی بدند ** که درین غم بر تو منکر می‌شدند
  • The Divine inspiration came to him: “There were a number of people who were beginning to disbelieve in thee in (consequence of) this affliction,
  • که مگر سالوس بود او در طریق ** که خدا رسواش کرد اندر فریق
  • Saying, ‘Perchance he was a hypocrite in the Way (of God), so that God made him infamous among humankind.’
  • من نخواهم کان رمه کافر شوند ** در ضلالت در گمان بد روند
  • I don not wish that that party should become infidels and in thinking evil (of thee) fall into perdition;
  • این کرامت را بکردیم آشکار ** که دهیمت دست اندر وقت کار 1715
  • (Hence) We divulged this miracle- (namely), that We give thee a hand in thy working-time-
  • تا که آن بیچارگان بد گمان ** رد نگردند از جناب آسمان
  • To the end that these wretched evil-thinking men may not be turned back from the Lord of Heaven.
  • من ترا بی این کرامتها ز پیش ** خود تسلی دادمی از ذات خویش
  • Erstwhile, indeed, without these miracles I was giving thee consolation from My Person;
  • این کرامت بهر ایشان دادمت ** وین چراغ از بهر آن بنهادمت
  • This miracle I have given thee for their sake, and on that account have I bestowed on thee this (spiritual) lamp.
  • تو از آن بگذشته‌ای کز مرگ تن ** ترسی وز تفریق اجزای بدن
  • Thou art past being afraid of bodily death and dismemberment of the limbs.
  • وهم تفریق سر و پا از تو رفت ** دفع وهم اسپر رسیدت نیک زفت 1720
  • Vain imagination concerning the dismemberment of head and foot has gone from thee: there has come to thee, for a defence against imagination, a shield exceeding strong.”
  • سبب جرات ساحران فرعون بر قطع دست و پا
  • The reason why the magicians of Pharaoh had courage to suffer the amputation of their hands and feet.
  • ساحران را نه که فرعون لعین ** کرد تهدید سیاست بر زمین
  • Is it not (the fact) that the accursed Pharaoh threatened (the magicians with) punishment on the earth,