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  • هم به بیداری ببینی خوابها ** هم ز گردون بر گشاید بابها
  • Even in your waking state you will dream dreams, and the gates of Heaven withal will open (to you).
  • قصه‌ی خواندن شیخ ضریر مصحف را در رو و بینا شدن وقت قرائت
  • Story of the blind old man's reading the Qur’án in front (of him) and regaining his sight when he read.
  • دید در ایام آن شیخ فقیر ** مصحفی در خانه‌ی پیری ضریر 1835
  • Once upon a time a dervish Shaykh saw a Qur’án in the house of a blind old man.
  • پیش او مهمان شد او وقت تموز ** هر دو زاهد جمع گشته چند روز
  • He became his guest in (the month) Tamúz: the two ascetics were together for several days.
  • گفت اینجا ای عجب مصحف چراست ** چونک نابیناست این درویش راست
  • He said (to himself), “Oh, I wonder what the Book is (here) for, as this righteous dervish is blind.”
  • اندرین اندیشه تشویشش فزود ** که جز او را نیست اینجا باش و بود
  • (Whilst he was occupied) in this reflection, his perplexity increased: (he said to himself), “No one lives here except him.
  • اوست تنها مصحفی آویخته ** من نیم گستاخ یا آمیخته
  • He is alone, (and yet) he has hung a Book (on the wall). I am not (so) unmannerly or muddled (in my wits)
  • تا بپرسم نه خمش صبری کنم ** تا به صبری بر مرادی بر زنم 1840
  • As to ask (him the reason). Nay, hush! I will be patient, in order that by patience I may gain my object.”
  • صبر کرد و بود چندی در حرج ** کشف شد کالصبر مفتاح الفرج
  • He showed patience and was in a quandary for some time, (till at last) it (the secret) was disclosed, for patience is the key to joy (relief).
  • صبرکردن لقمان چون دید کی داود حلقه‌ها می‌ساخت از سال کردن با این نیت کی صبر از سال موجب فرج باشد
  • How Luqmán, when he saw David, on whom be peace, making (iron) rings, refrained from questioning him, with the intention that this act of self-control should be the cause of relief (from perplexity).
  • رفت لقمان سوی داود صفا ** دید کو می‌کرد ز آهن حلقه‌ها
  • Luqmán went to David, the pure of heart, and observed that he was making rings of iron,
  • جمله را با همدگر در می‌فکند ** ز آهن پولاد آن شاه بلند
  • (And) that the exalted King was casting all the steel rings into each other.