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  • چون در آید نام پاک اندر دهان ** نه پلیدی ماند و نه اندهان
  • When the pure (holy) Name comes into the mouth, neither impurity remains nor (any) sorrows.
  • بیان آنک الله گفتن نیازمند عین لبیک گفتن حق است
  • Showing that the supplicant's invocation of God is essentially the same thing as God's response to him.
  • آن یکی الله می‌گفتی شبی ** تا که شیرین می‌شد از ذکرش لبی
  • One night a certain man was crying “Allah!” till his lips were growing sweet with praise of Him.
  • گفت شیطان آخر ای بسیارگو ** این همه الله را لبیک کو 190
  • The Devil said, “Prithee, O garrulous one, where is the (response) ‘Here am I’ to all this ‘Allah’?
  • می‌نیاید یک جواب از پیش تخت ** چند الله می‌زنی با روی سخت
  • Not a single response is coming from the Throne: how long will you cry ‘Allah’ with grim face?”
  • او شکسته‌دل شد و بنهاد سر ** دید در خواب او خضر را در خضر
  • He became broken-hearted and laid down his head (to sleep): in a dream he saw Khadir amidst the verdure.
  • گفت هین از ذکر چون وا مانده‌ای ** چون پشیمانی از آن کش خوانده‌ای
  • He (Khadir) said, “Hark, you have held back from praising God: how is it that you repent of having called unto Him?”
  • گفت لبیکم نمی‌آید جواب ** زان همی‌ترسم که باشم رد باب
  • He said, “No ‘Here am I’ is coming to me in response, hence I fear that I may be (a reprobate who is) driven away from the Door.”
  • گفت آن الله تو لبیک ماست ** و آن نیاز و درد و سوزت پیک ماست 195
  • He (Khadir) said, “(God saith), That ‘Allah’ of thine is My ‘Here am I,’ and that supplication and grief and ardour of thine is My messenger (to thee).
  • حیله‌ها و چاره‌جوییهای تو ** جذب ما بود و گشاد این پای تو
  • Thy shifts and attempts to find a means (of gaining access to Me) were (in reality) My drawing (thee towards Me), and released thy feet (from the bonds of worldliness).
  • ترس و عشق تو کمند لطف ماست ** زیر هر یا رب تو لبیکهاست
  • Thy fear and love are the noose to catch My favour: beneath every ‘O Lord’ (of thine) is many a ‘Here am I’ (from Me).”