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  • بی نهایت حضرتست این بارگاه ** صدر را بگذار صدر تست راه
  • This (Divine) court is the Infinite Plane. Leave the seat of honour behind: the Way is thy seat of honour.
  • سر طلب کردن موسی خضر را علیهماالسلام با کمال نبوت و قربت
  • The mystery of Moses seeking Khizr, notwithstanding his perfection as a prophet and as one nigh unto God.
  • از کلیم حق بیاموز ای کریم ** بین چه می‌گوید ز مشتاقی کلیم
  • Learn from him with whom God spake, O noble sir! See what Kalím (Moses) says in his longing!
  • با چنین جاه و چنین پیغامبری ** طالب خضرم ز خودبینی بری
  • “Notwithstanding such a dignity and such a prophetic office (as I possess), I am a seeker of Khizr, (I am) quit of self-regard.”
  • موسیا تو قوم خود را هشته‌ای ** در پی نیکوپیی سرگشته‌ای
  • (They said), “O Moses, thou hast forsaken thy people; thou hast wandered distraught in search of a blessed man.
  • کیقبادی رسته از خوف و رجا ** چند گردی چند جویی تا کجا 1965
  • Thou art an emperor delivered from fear and hope: how long wilt thou wander? How long wilt thou seek? To what bound?
  • آن تو با تست و تو واقف برین ** آسمانا چند پیمایی زمین
  • (He that is) thine is with thee, and thou art conscious of this. O (thou who art exalted as the) sky, how long wilt thou traverse the (low) earth?”
  • گفت موسی این ملامت کم کنید ** آفتاب و ماه را کم ره زنید
  • Moses said, “Do not make this reproach (against me), do not waylay the Sun and the Moon.
  • می‌روم تا مجمع البحرین من ** تا شوم مصحوب سلطان زمن
  • I will fare as far as the meeting-place of the two seas, that (afterwards) I may be accompanied by the Sovereign of the time.
  • اجعل الخضر لامری سببا ** ذاک او امضی و اسری حقبا
  • I will make Khizr a means to (the achievement of) my purpose: (either) that, or I will go onward and journey by night a long while.
  • سالها پرم بپر و بالها ** سالها چه بود هزاران سالها 1970
  • I will fly with wings and pinions for years: what are years? For thousands of years.”