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  • بانگ می‌آمد ز غیرت بر شجر ** چشمشان بستیم کلا لا وزر
  • (While) from (the Divine) jealousy there was coming to the trees the cry, ‘We have bandaged their eyes;nay, there is no refuge.’
  • گر کسی می‌گفتشان کین سو روید ** تا ازین اشجار مستسعد شوید
  • If any one had said to them ‘Go in this direction, that ye may be made happy by these trees,’
  • جمله می‌گفتند کین مسکین مست ** از قضاء الله دیوانه شدست 2020
  • They all would have said, ‘By Divine destiny this poor intoxicated wretch has become mad:
  • مغز این مسکین ز سودای دراز ** وز ریاضت گشت فاسد چون پیاز
  • Through long melancholy and through austerities the brain of this poor wretch has turned putrid, like an onion.’
  • او عجب می‌ماند یا رب حال چیست ** خلق را این پرده و اضلال چیست
  • He would have remained in astonishment, saying, ‘O Lord, what is the matter? What is this veil (blindness) and misguidance that is upon the people?’
  • خلق گوناگون با صد رای و عقل ** یک قدم آن سو نمی‌آرند نقل
  • The people of every sort, (though endowed) with manifold discernment and understanding, do not move a foot in that direction.
  • عاقلان و زیرکانشان ز اتفاق ** گشته منکر زین چنین باغی و عاق
  • By one consent the intelligent and acute amongst them have become incredulous of such a garden as this and undutiful.
  • یا منم دیوانه و خیره شده ** دیو چیزی مرا مرا بر سر زده 2025
  • Or have I become mad and crazy? Has the Devil cast something (of delusion) upon my head?
  • چشم می‌مالم بهر لحظه که من ** خواب می‌بینم خیال اندر زمن
  • At every moment I rub my eyes, (considering) whether I am dreaming and beholding a phantom in (the world of) time.
  • خواب چه بود بر درختان می‌روم ** میوه‌هاشان می‌خورم چون نگروم
  • How can it be a dream? I go up the trees, I eat their fruit: how should I not believe?