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  • آن یکی از حقد و دیگر ز ارتباط ** آن یکی از رنج و دیگر از نشاط
  • One (voice proceeds) from hate, and another from harmony; one from pain, and another from joy.
  • هر که دور از حالت ایشان بود ** پیشش آن آوازها یکسان بود
  • Whoever is remote from (ignorant of) their (inward) state, to him the voices are uniform.
  • آن درختی جنبد از زخم تبر ** و آن درخت دیگر از باد سحر
  • One tree is moved by blows of the axe, another tree by the breeze of dawn.
  • بس غلط گشتم ز دیگ مردریگ ** زانک سرپوشیده می‌جوشید دیگ 4775
  • Much error befell me from (I was greatly deceived by) the worthless pot, because the pot was boiling (while) covered by the lid.
  • جوش و نوش هرکست گوید بیا ** جوش صدق و جوش تزویر و ریا
  • The fervour and savour of every one says to you, “Come”— the fervour of sincerity and the fervour of imposture and hypocrisy.
  • گر نداری بو ز جان روشناس ** رو دماغی دست آور بوشناس
  • If you have not the scent (discernment derived) from the soul that recognises the face (reality), go, get for yourself a (spiritual) brain (sense) that recognises the scent.
  • آن دماغی که بر آن گلشن تند ** چشم یعقوبان هم او روشن کند
  • The brain (sense) that haunts yon Rose-garden—’tis it that makes bright the eyes of (all) Jacobs.
  • هین بگو احوال آن خسته‌جگر ** کز بخاری دور ماندیم ای پسر
  • Come now, relate what happened to that heart-sick (youth), for we have left the man of Bukhárá far behind, O son.
  • یافتن عاشق معشوق را و بیان آنک جوینده یابنده بود کی و من یعمل مثقال ذرة خیرا یره
  • How the lover found his beloved; and a discourse showing that the seeker is a finder, for he who shall do as much good as the weight of an ant shall see it (in the end).
  • کان جوان در جست و جو بد هفت سال ** از خیال وصل گشته چون خیال 4780
  • (It happened) that for seven years that youth was (engaged) in search and seeking: from (cherishing) the phantasy of union he became like a phantom.
  • سایه‌ی حق بر سر بنده بود ** عاقبت جوینده یابنده بود
  • (If) the shadow (protection) of God be over the head of the servant (of God), the seeker at last will be a finder.