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  • گفت پیغامبر که چون کوبی دری ** عاقبت زان در برون آید سری
  • The Prophet said that when you knock at a door, at last a head will come forth from that door.
  • چون نشینی بر سر کوی کسی ** عاقبت بینی تو هم روی کسی
  • When you sit (wait) on the road of a certain person, at last you will see also the face of a certain person.
  • چون ز چاهی می‌کنی هر روز خاک ** عاقبت اندر رسی در آب پاک
  • When, every day, you keep digging the earth from a pit, at last you will arrive at the pure water.
  • جمله دانند این اگر تو نگروی ** هر چه می‌کاریش روزی بدروی 4785
  • (Even) if you may not believe (it), all know this, (that) one day you will reap whatsoever you are sowing.
  • سنگ بر آهن زدی آتش نجست ** این نباشد ور بباشد نادرست
  • You struck the stone (flint) against the iron (steel): the fire did not flash out! This may not be; or if it be (so), ’tis rare.
  • آنک روزی نیستش بخت و نجات ** ننگرد عقلش مگر در نادرات
  • He to whom felicity and salvation are not apportioned (by God)—his mind regards naught but the rarities.
  • کان فلان کس کشت کرد و بر نداشت ** و آن صدف برد و صدف گوهر نداشت
  • (He says) that such and such a one sowed seed and had no crop, while that (other) one bore away an oyster-shell (from the sea), and the shell had no pearl (within it).
  • بلعم باعور و ابلیس لعین ** سود نامدشان عبادتها و دین
  • (He says that in the cases of) Bal‘am son of Bá‘úr and the accursed Iblís, their acts of worship and their religion availed them not.
  • صد هزاران انبیا و ره‌روان ** ناید اندر خاطر آن بدگمان 4790
  • The hundreds of thousands of prophets and travellers on the Way do not come into the mind of that evil-thinking man.
  • این دو را گیرد که تاریکی دهد ** در دلش ادبار جز این کی نهد
  • He takes these two (examples) which produce (spiritual) darkness: how should (his) ill fate put aught but this in his heart?