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  • ای دقوقی تیزتر ران هین خموش ** چند گویی چند چون قحطست گوش 2045
  • O Daqúqí, advance more quickly (in thy quest for Unity). Hark, be silent! Inasmuch as there is a dearth of ears, how long wilt thou speak, how long?
  • یک درخت شدن آن هفت درخت
  • How the seven trees became one.
  • گفت راندم پیشتر من نیکبخت ** باز شد آن هفت جمله یک درخت
  • He (Daqúqí) said, “I, the fortunate one, pushed forward; again all the seven (trees) became one tree.
  • هفت می‌شد فرد می‌شد هر دمی ** من چه سان می‌گشتم ازحیرت همی
  • At every moment they were becoming seven and (also) a single one: (you may imagine) what I was becoming like, through bewilderment.
  • بعد از آن دیدم درختان در نماز ** صف کشیده چون جماعت کرده ساز
  • After that, I beheld the trees (engaged) in the ritual prayer, drawn up in line and (properly) arranged like the congregation (of Moslems):
  • یک درخت از پیش مانند امام ** دیگران اندر پس او در قیام
  • One tree (was) in front like the Imám, the others (were) standing behind it.
  • آن قیام و آن رکوع و آن سجود ** از درختان بس شگفتم می‌نمود 2050
  • That standing and kneeling and bowing low on the part of the trees seemed to me very marvellous.
  • یاد کردم قول حق را آن زمان ** گفت النجم و شجر را یسجدان
  • Then I called to mind the word of God: He said, concerning the stalkless plants and the trees, ‘they bow down.’
  • این درختان را نه زانو نه میان ** این چه ترتیب نمازست آنچنان
  • Those trees had neither knee nor waist: what (a marvel) is such a regulation (regular performance) of the ritual prayer (in their case)!
  • آمد الهام خدا کای با فروز ** می عجب داری ز کار ما هنوز
  • The Divine inspiration came (upon me), saying, ‘O illustrious one, art thou still wondering at Our action?’
  • هفت مرد شدن آن هفت درخت
  • How the seven trees became seven men.
  • بعد دیری گشت آنها هفت مرد ** جمله در قعده پی یزدان فرد
  • After a long while those (trees) became seven men, all seated (in contemplation) for the sake of God who is single.