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  • هست بی حزمی پشیمانی یقین ** بشنو این افسانه را در شرح این 235
  • Imprudence is assuredly (attended by) repentance. Hear the following story in explanation of this.
  • فریفتن روستایی شهری را و بدعوت خواندن بلابه و الحاح بسیار
  • How the countryman deceived the townsman and invited him with humble entreaties and great importunity.
  • ای برادر بود اندر ما مضی ** شهریی با روستایی آشنا
  • In the past, O brother, there was a townsman (who was) intimate with a countryman.
  • روستایی چون سوی شهر آمدی ** خرگه اندر کوی آن شهری زدی
  • Whenever the countryman came to town, he would pitch his tent in the street of the townsman.
  • دو مه و سه ماه مهمانش بدی ** بر دکان او و بر خوانش بدی
  • He would be his guest for two or three months, he would be in his shop and at his table,
  • هر حوایج را که بودش آن زمان ** راست کردی مرد شهری رایگان
  • And the townsman would provide, free of cost, everything that he wanted during that time.
  • رو به شهری کرد و گفت ای خواجه تو ** هیچ می‌نایی سوی ده فرجه‌جو 240
  • (Once) he turned to the townsman and said, “Sire, are you never coming to the country for a holiday?
  • الله الله جمله فرزندان بیار ** کین زمان گلشنست و نوبهار
  • Bring all your children, (I beg you) in God's name, for this is the time of the rose-garden and the springtide;
  • یا بتابستان بیا وقت ثمر ** تا ببندم خدمتت را من کمر
  • Or come in summer, in the fruit-season, that I may brace my belt to do you service.
  • خیل و فرزندان و قومت را بیار ** در ده ما باش سه ماه و چهار
  • Bring your retinue and your children and kinsfolk, and stay in our village three or four months,
  • که بهاران خطه‌ی ده خوش بود ** کشت‌زار و لاله‌ی دلکش بود
  • For in spring the countryside is pleasant; there are sown fields and lovely anemones.”