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  • جوشش خون باشد آن وا جستها ** خارش دلها و بحث و ماجرا
  • Those inquiries, the pricking of (conscience in men’s) beans and the investigation and discussion, are the stirring of the (murdered man’s) blood.
  • چونک پیداگشت سر کار او ** معجزه داود شد فاش و دوتو
  • When the mystery of his (the murderer’s) case had been divulged, David’s miracles became doubly manifest
  • خلق جمله سر برهنه آمدند ** سر به سجده بر زمینها می‌زدند
  • All the people came bare-headed and cast their heads in prostration on the earth,
  • ما همه کوران اصلی بوده‌ایم ** از تو ما صد گون عجایب دیده‌ایم
  • (Saying), “We all have been (as those who are) blind from birth, (though) we have seen from thee marvels of a hundred kinds.
  • سنگ با تو در سخن آمد شهیر ** کز برای غزو طالوتم بگیر 2495
  • The stone came to speech with thee overtly, and said, ‘Take me for Saul’s expedition (against Goliath)’;
  • تو به سه سنگ و فلاخن آمدی ** صد هزاران مرد را بر هم زدی
  • Thou camest with three pebbles and a sling and didst rout a hundred thousand men:
  • سنگهایت صدهزاران پاره شد ** هر یکی هر خصم را خون‌خواره شد
  • Thy pebbles broke into a hundred thousand pieces, and each one drank the blood of an enemy.
  • آهن اندر دست تو چون موم شد ** چون زره‌سازی ترا معلوم شد
  • Iron became as wax in thy hand when the (craft of) fashioning coats of mail was made known to thee.
  • کوهها با تو رسایل شد شکور ** با تو می‌خوانند چون مقری زبور
  • The mountains became thy thankful. accompanists: they chant the psalms with thee, as one who teaches the recitation of theQur’an.
  • صد هزاران چشم دل بگشاده شد ** از دم تو غیب را آماده شد 2500
  • Hundreds of thousands of spiritual eyes were opened and through thy breath were made ready for (contemplation of) the Unseen;