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  • بر در ار جویی نیابی آن شکاف ** سخت ناپیدا و زو چندین زفاف
  • If you look on the door for that chink, you will not find it: (it is) extremely unapparent, though (there are) so many processions through it.
  • شرح آن کور دوربین و آن کر تیزشنو و آن برهنه دراز دامن
  • Explaining (what is signified by) the far-sighted blind man, the deaf man who is sharp of hearing, and the naked man with the long skirts.
  • کر امل را دان که مرگ ما شنید ** مرگ خود نشنید و نقل خود ندید
  • Know that Hope is the deaf man who has (often) heard of our dying, (but) has not heard of his own death or regarded his own decease.
  • حرص نابیناست بیند مو بمو ** عیب خلقان و بگوید کو بکو
  • The blind man is Greed: he sees other people's faults, hair by hair, and tells them from street to street,
  • عیب خود یک ذره چشم کور او ** می‌نبیند گرچه هست او عیب‌جو 2630
  • (But) his blind eyes do not perceive one mote of his own faults, albeit he is a fault-finder.
  • عور می‌ترسد که دامانش برند ** دامن مرد برهنه چون درند
  • The naked man is afraid that his skirt will be cut off: how should they (any one) cut off the skirt of a naked man?
  • مرد دنیا مفلس است و ترسناک ** هیچ او را نیست از دزدانش باک
  • The worldly man is destitute and terrified: he possesses nothing, (yet) he has dread of thieves.
  • او برهنه آمد و عریان رود ** وز غم دزدش جگر خون می‌شود
  • Bare he came and naked he goes, and (all the while) his heart is bleeding with anxiety on account of the thief
  • وقت مرگش که بود صد نوحه بیش ** خنده آید جانش را زین ترس خویش
  • At the hour of death when a hundred lamentations are (being made) beside him, his spirit begins to laugh at its own fear.
  • آن زمان داند غنی کش نیست زر ** هم ذکی داند که او بد بی‌هنر 2635
  • At that moment the rich man knows that he has no gold; the keen-witted man, too, knows that he is devoid of talent.
  • چون کنار کودکی پر از سفال ** کو بر آن لرزان بود چون رب مال
  • (’Tis) like (as when) a child's lap (is) filled with potsherds, for he (the child) is trembling for them, like the owner of riches.