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  • خوشه‌های زفت تا زیر آمده ** بر سر و روی رونده می‌زده
  • Huge clusters, having come low down, would strike against the head and face of the wayfarer.
  • مرد گلخن‌تاب از پری زر ** بسته بودی در میان زرین کمر
  • On account of the plenty of gold a bath-stoker might have tied a golden belt on his waist.
  • سگ کلیچه کوفتی در زیر پا ** تخمه بودی گرگ صحرا از نوا 2665
  • The dogs would trample buns underfoot; the desert wolf would have indigestion from the (rich) food.
  • گشته آمن شهر و ده از دزد و گرگ ** بز نترسیدی هم از گرگ سترگ
  • Town and village had become safe from robbers and wolves; the goat was not afraid even of the fierce wolf.
  • گر بگویم شرح نعمتهای قوم ** که زیادت می‌شد آن یوما بیوم
  • If I explain (all) the blessings bestowed upon the people (of Sabá), which were increasing day by day,
  • مانع آید از سخنهای مهم ** انبیا بردند امر فاستقم
  • It will hinder (me) from (speaking of) important matters. The prophets brought (to the Sabaeans) the (Divine) command, namely, “Do thou, therefore, be righteous.”
  • آمدن پیغامبران حق به نصیحت اهل سبا
  • How the prophets came from God to admonish the people of Sabá.
  • سیزده پیغامبر آنجا آمدند ** گم‌رهان را جمله رهبر می‌شدند
  • Thirteen prophets came thither: all (of them) were ready to guide those who had lost the way,
  • که هله نعمت فزون شد شکر کو ** مرکب شکر ار بخسپد حرکوا 2670
  • Saying, “Come, the benefit has increased: where is the thanksgiving? If the steed of thanksgiving lie down, set (it) in motion.
  • شکر منعم واجب آید در خرد ** ورنه بگشاید در خشم ابد
  • In (the view of) reason it is necessary to give thanks to the Benefactor; otherwise, the door of everlasting wrath will be opened.
  • هین کرم بینید وین خود کس کند ** کز چنین نعمت به شکری بس کند
  • Hark, behold the loving kindness (of God)! And in sooth would any one (but God) do this—namely, be content with a single thanksgiving for such benefits?