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  • هم بدان قانع شد و از دام جست ** هیچ دامی پر و بالش را نبست
  • With that (grain) it is contented, and escapes the trap: no trap confines its wings and pinions.
  • وخامت کار آن مرغ کی ترک حزم کرد از حرص و هوا
  • The banefulness of the action of the bird that abandons prudence from (motives of) greed and vain desire.
  • باز مرغی فوق دیواری نشست ** دیده سوی دانه دامی ببست
  • Again, a bird settles on a wall and fastens its eyes upon the grain in a trap.
  • یک نظر او سوی صحرا می‌کند ** یک نظر حرصش به دانه می‌کشد
  • Now it looks towards the open country, (while) now its greed leads it to look at the grain.
  • این نظر با آن نظر چالیش کرد ** ناگهانی از خرد خالیش کرد
  • This look struggles with that look and suddenly makes it (the bird) empty of wisdom.
  • باز مرغی کان تردد را گذاشت ** زان نظر بر کند و بر صحرا گماشت 2865
  • Again, a bird that has abandoned that vacillation turns its gaze away from that (grain) and fixes it upon the open fields.
  • شاد پر و بال او بخا له ** تا امام جمله آزادان شد او
  • Glad (glistening) are its wings and pinions: how goodly it is, since it has become the leader of all the free.
  • هر که او را مقتدا سازد برست ** در مقام امن و آزادی نشست
  • Every one who makes it his model is saved and sits in the abode of security and freedom,
  • زانک شاه حازمان آمد دلش ** تا گلستان و چمن شد منزلش
  • Because his heart has become the king of the prudent, so that the rosery and garden (of Paradise) has become his dwelling-place.
  • حزم ازو راضی و او راضی ز حزم ** این چنین کن گر کنی تدبیر و عزم
  • Prudence is pleased with him, and he pleased with Prudence: do likewise, if you would act with foresight and resolution.
  • بارها در دام حرص افتاده‌ای ** حلق خود را در بریدن داده‌ای 2870
  • Many a time have you fallen into the snare of greed and given up your throat to be cut;