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  • آنک مادر آفرید و ضرع و شیر ** با پدر کردش قرین آن خود مگیر 330
  • (If thou deny it), do not even admit that He created mother, teat, and milk, and united her with the father!
  • ای خداوند ای قدیم احسان تو ** آنک دانم وانک نه هم آن تو
  • O Lord, O Thou whose beneficence is eternal, Thine is both that which I know and that which I know not.
  • تو بفرمودی که حق را یاد کن ** زانک حق من نمی‌گردد کهن
  • Thou didst command, saying, “Remember God, because My right shall never grow old.
  • یاد کن لطفی که کردم آن صبوح ** با شما از حفظ در کشتی نوح
  • Remember the kindness which I did unto you that morn by protecting (you) in the ship (ark) of Noah.
  • پیله بابایانتان را آن زمان ** دادم از طوفان و از موجش امان
  • At that time I gave to the stock of your fathers security from the Flood and from its waves.
  • آب آتش خو زمین بگرفته بود ** موج او مر اوج که را می‌ربود 335
  • Water, like fire in (its deadly) nature, had covered the earth: its waves were sweeping away the highest peaks of the mountains.
  • حفظ کردم من نکردم ردتان ** در وجود جد جد جدتان
  • I protected you, I did not spurn you, in the bodies of the ancestors of the ancestors of your ancestors.
  • چون شدی سر پشت پایت چون زنم ** کارگاه خویش ضایع چون کنم
  • Now that you have come to the head, how should I smite the sole of your foot? How should I let My workshop go to waste?
  • چون فدای بی‌وفایان می‌شوی ** از گمان بد بدان سو می‌روی
  • How are you becoming devoted to the unfaithful and going in that direction from ill thoughts (of Me)?
  • من ز سهو و بی‌وفاییها بری ** سوی من آیی گمان بد بری
  • I am clear of negligence and infidelities, (yet) you come to Me and think evil.