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  • ترک این سودا بگو وز حق بترس ** دیو دادستت برای مکر درس
  • Abandon this vain passion and be afraid of God: the Devil has schooled thee for the purpose of deception.”
  • قانع شدن آن طالب به تعلیم زبان مرغ خانگی و سگ و اجابت موسی علیه السلام
  • How that seeker was content to be taught the language of domestic fowls and dogs, and how Moses, on whom be peace; complied with his request.
  • گفت باری نطق سگ کو بر درست ** نطق مرغ خانگی کاهل پرست
  • He said, “At any rate (teach me) the language of the dog which is at the door and the language of the feathered domestic fowl.”
  • گفت موسی هین تو دانی رو رسید ** نطق این هر دو شود بر تو پدید
  • “Hark,” said Moses, “thou knowest (best)! Go, it (the fulfilment of thy wish) has arrived: the language of both of these will be revealed to thee.”
  • بامدادان از برای امتحان ** ایستاد او منتظر بر آستان 3305
  • At daybreak, in order to make trial, he stood waiting on the threshold.
  • خادمه سفره بیفشاند و فتاد ** پاره‌ای نان بیات آثار زاد
  • The maid-servant shook the table-cloth, and a piece of bread, the remnants of last night's meal, fell out.
  • در ربود آن را خروسی چون گرو ** گفت سگ کردی تو بر ما ظلم رو
  • A cock snatched it up as (though it were) the stake (in a race). The dog said, “You have done injustice-to me. Begone!
  • دانه‌ی گندم توانی خورد و من ** عاجزم در دانه خوردن در وطن
  • You can eat a grain of corn, while I am unable to eat grains in my abode.
  • گندم و جو را و باقی حبوب ** می‌توانی خورد و من نه ای طروب
  • You can eat corn and barley and the rest of the grains, while I cannot, O jubilant one.
  • این لب نانی که قسم ماست نان ** می‌ربایی این قدر را از سگان 3310
  • This crust of bread, the bread which is our portion—you are taking away from the dogs such a (small) quantity (of food) as this!”
  • جواب خروس سگ را
  • The cock's answer to the dog.
  • پس خروسش گفت تن زن غم مخور ** که خدا بدهد عوض زینت دگر
  • Then the cock said to him, “Be silent, do not grieve, for God will give you something else instead of this.