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  • این شنید و آن غلامش را فروخت ** رست از خسران و رخ را بر فروخت 3325
  • He (the master) heard this and sold his slave: he was saved from loss and his face was lit up (with joy).
  • شکرها می‌کرد و شادیها که من ** رستم از سه واقعه اندر زمن
  • He was giving thanks and making merry, saying, “I have been saved from three calamities in the world.
  • تا زبان مرغ و سگ آموختم ** دیده‌ی س القضا را دوختم
  • Since I learned the language of the fowl and the dog I have pierced the eye of evil destiny.”
  • روز دیگر آن سگ محروم گفت ** کای خروس ژاژخا کو طاق و جفت
  • Next day the disappointed dog said, “O drivelling cock, where are the sundries (you promised me)?
  • خجل گشتن خروس پیش سگ به سبب دروغ شدن در آن سه وعده
  • [How the cock became abashed before the dog on account of being false in those three promises.]
  • چند چند آخر دروغ و مکر تو ** خود نپرد جز دروغ از وکر تو
  • How long, pray, how long (will) your falsehood and deceit (continue)? Truly, nothing but falsehood flies out of your nest.”
  • گفت حاشا از من و از جنس من ** که بگردیم از دروغی ممتحن 3330
  • He said, “Far be it from me and from my kind that we should become afflicted with falsehood.
  • ما خروسان چون مذن راست‌گوی ** هم رقیب آفتاب و وقت‌جوی
  • We cocks are veracious like the muezzin: we are observers of the sun as well as seekers of the (right) time.
  • پاسبان آفتابیم از درون ** گر کنی بالای ما طشتی نگون
  • We are watchers of the sun inwardly, though you may turn a basin upside down over us.”
  • پاسبان آفتابند اولیا ** در بشر واقف ز اسرار خدا
  • The watchers of the Sun (of Reality) are the saints: in the flesh (they are) acquainted with the Divine mysteries.
  • اصل ما را حق پی بانگ نماز ** داد هدیه آدمی را در جهاز
  • “God gave our family as a gift to Man to call (him) to the ritual prayer (and) in preparation (for that purpose).