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  • ور ندانی این دو فکرت از گمان ** لا خلابه گوی و مشتاب و مران
  • And if from (your own) opinion you do not know (the true nature of) these two thoughts, say, “No deception!” and be not in a hurry and do not push forward.
  • حیله دفع مغبون شدن در بیع و شرا
  • The means of preventing one's self from being swindled in sale and purchase.
  • آن یکی یاری پیمبر را بگفت ** که منم در بیعها با غبن جفت
  • A certain friend said to the Prophet, “I am always being swindled in commerce.
  • مکر هر کس کو فروشد یا خرد ** همچو سحرست و ز راهم می‌برد 3495
  • The deceit of every one who sells or buys is like magic and leads me off the track.”
  • گفت در بیعی که ترسی از غرار ** شرط کن سه روز خود را اختیار
  • He (the Prophet) said, “When thou art afraid of being duped in a commercial transaction, stipulate (that thou shalt have) for thyself three days (in which) to choose,
  • که تانی هست از رحمان یقین ** هست تعجیلت ز شیطان لعین
  • For deliberation is assuredly from the Merciful (God); thy haste is from the accursed Devil.”
  • پیش سگ چون لقمه نان افکنی ** بو کند آنگه خورد ای معتنی
  • When you throw a morsel of bread to a dog, he (first) smells, then he eats, O careful one.
  • او ببینی بو کند ما با خرد ** هم ببوییمش به عقل منتقد
  • He smells with the nose, we too (who are endowed) with wisdom smell it (the object submitted to us) with the purified intelligence.
  • با تانی گشت موجود از خدا ** تابه شش روز این زمین و چرخها 3500
  • This earth and the (heavenly) spheres were brought into existence by God with deliberation (extending) to six days;
  • ورنه قادر بود کو کن فیکون ** صد زمین و چرخ آوردی برون
  • Otherwise, He was able—“Be, and it is”—to bring forth a hundred earths and heavens (from non-existence).
  • آدمی را اندک اندک آن همام ** تا چهل سالش کند مرد تمام
  • Little by little till forty years (of age) that Potentate makes the human being a complete man,