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  • در معاصی قبضها دلگیر شد ** قبضها بعد از اجل زنجیر شد
  • The (spiritual) contractions (which occur) in (the case of) sins affect (only) the heart; after death (these) contractions become (actual) chains.
  • نعط من اعرض هنا عن ذکرنا ** عیشة ضنک و نجزی بالعمی
  • “Whosoever here (in this world) shall turn his back upon Our commemoration, We shall give him a straitened life (hereafter) and reward him with blindness.”
  • دزد چون مال کسان را می‌برد ** قبض و دلتنگی دلش را می‌خلد 355
  • When a thief is carrying off people's property, contraction and straitness of heart prick his heart (conscience),
  • او همی‌گوید عجب این قبض چیست ** قبض آن مظلوم کز شرت گریست
  • (And) he says, “I wonder what this contraction is”: (say), “The contraction (distress) of the injured person who wept at thy wickedness.”
  • چون بدین قبض التفاتی کم کند ** باد اصرار آتشش را دم کند
  • When he pays no regard to this contraction, the wind of perseverance (in evil) blows (fans) its (the evil's) fire.
  • قبض دل قبض عوان شد لاجرم ** گشت محسوس آن معانی زد علم
  • The contraction that grips the heart turns into the grip of the policeman: inevitably those ideas become sensible (materialised) and display themselves.
  • غصه‌ها زندان شدست و چارمیخ ** غصه بیخست و بروید شاخ بیخ
  • The pangs have become prison and the cross (crucifixion): the pang is (as) the root, and the root produces boughs.
  • بیخ پنهان بود هم شد آشکار ** قبض و بسط اندرون بیخی شمار 360
  • The root was hidden, it is (now) revealed. Consider (your) inward contraction and expansion as a root.
  • چونک بیخ بد بود زودش بزن ** تا نروید زشت‌خاری در چمن
  • When it is a bad root, smite it quickly, so that an ugly thorn may not grow in the garden.
  • قبض دیدی چاره‌ی آن قبض کن ** زانک سرها جمله می‌روید ز بن
  • You have felt the contraction: seek a remedy for it, because all heads (excrescences) grow from the bottom (root).