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  • چون نیابد نص اندر صورتی ** از قیاس آنجا نماید عبرتی
  • (But) in a case where he does not find a Statute, there he will produce an example from analogy.
  • تشبیه نص با قیاس
  • Comparison between Statute and analogy.
  • نص وحی روح قدسی دان یقین ** وان قیاس عقل جزوی تحت این
  • Know for sure that Statute is the Revelation of the Holy Spirit and that the analogy made by the individual intellect is under (subordinate to) this.
  • عقل از جان گشت با ادراک و فر ** روح او را کی شود زیر نظر
  • The intellect is endued with apprehension and enlightenment by the Spirit: how should the Spirit become subject to its supervision?
  • لیک جان در عقل تاثیری کند ** زان اثر آن عقل تدبیری کند 3585
  • But the Spirit makes an impression on the intellect, and in consequence of that impression the intellect exercises a certain governance.
  • نوح‌وار ار صدقی زد در تو روح ** کو یم و کشتی و کو طوفان نوح
  • If the Spirit has declared a belief in you, as (in) Noah, where is the Sea and the Ship (Ark) and the Flood of Noah?
  • عقل اثر را روح پندارد ولیک ** نور خور از قرص خور دورست نیک
  • The intellect deems the impression to be the Spirit, but the light of the sun is very far from (being) the orb of the sun.
  • زان به قرصی سالکی خرسند شد ** تا ز نورش سوی قرص افکند شد
  • Hence a pilgrim (on the Mystic Way) is content with a loaf of bread (qursí), in order that by its light he may be thrown (directed) towards the (Divine) Orb (Qurs),
  • زانک این نوری که اندر سافل است ** نیست دایم روز و شب او آفل است
  • Because this light which is below is not lasting: it is sinking (every) day and night,
  • وانک اندر قرص دارد باش و جا ** غرقه‌ی آن نور باشد دایما 3590
  • While he that has his abode and dwelling-place in the (Divine) Orb is plunged in that Light continually.
  • نه سحابش ره زند خود نه غروب ** وا رهید او از فراق سینه کوب
  • Neither does cloud waylay him nor setting (of the sun): he is delivered from heart-wringing separation.