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  • تا قیامت گر بگویم زین کلام ** صد قیامت بگذرد وین ناتمام
  • Though I should speak on this topic till the Resurrection, a hundred Resurrections would pass, and this (discourse would still be) incomplete.
  • آداب المستمعین والمریدین عند فیض الحکمة من لسان الشیخ
  • The rules to be observed by listeners and disciples at the emanation of wisdom from the tongue of the Shaykh.
  • بر ملولان این مکرر کردنست ** نزد من عمر مکرر بردنست
  • To the weary this is (only) repetition, (but) in my eyes it is the bringing of repeated life.
  • شمع از برق مکرر بر شود ** خاک از تاب مکرر زر شود
  • The candle goes upward (burns higher) from repeated flashes (of flame); earth becomes gold in consequence of repeated heat.
  • گر هزاران طالب‌اند و یک ملول ** از رسالت باز می‌ماند رسول
  • If there are thousands of (eager) seekers (of knowledge) and a single weary (disgusted) one, the Messenger will refrain from delivering his message.
  • این رسولان ضمیر رازگو ** مستمع خواهند اسرافیل‌خو 3605
  • These mystery-telling Messengers of the hidden Mind require a hearer who has the nature of Isráfíl.
  • نخوتی دارند و کبری چون شهان ** چاکری خواهند از اهل جهان
  • They have a haughtiness and pride like (that of) kings: they require service from the people of the world.
  • تا ادبهاشان بجاگه ناوری ** از رسالتشان چگونه بر خوری
  • Until you perform the observances due to them, how will you gain profit from their message?
  • کی رسانند آن امانت را بتو ** تا نباشی پیششان راکع دوتو
  • How will they deliver that deposit to you till you are bowed double before them?
  • هر ادبشان کی همی‌آید پسند ** کامدند ایشان ز ایوان بلند
  • How is every (kind of) observance acceptable to them?—for they have come from the Sublime Palace.
  • نه گدایانند کز هر خدمتی ** از تو دارند ای مزور منتی 3610
  • They are not beggars, that they should be grateful to you, O impostor, for every service.