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  • زآنک در خرجی در آن بسط و گشاد ** خرج را دخلی بباید زاعتداد 3735
  • For in that (contrary state of) expansion and delight you are spending: the expenditure (of enthusiasm) requires an income of (painful) preparation (to balance it).
  • گر هماره فصل تابستان بدی ** سوزش خورشید در بستان شدی
  • If it were always the season of summer, the blazing heat of the sun would penetrate the garden
  • منبتش را سوختی از بیخ و بن ** که دگر تازه نگشتی آن کهن
  • And burn up from root and bottom the soil whence its plants grow, so that the old (withered) ones would never again become fresh.
  • گر ترش‌رویست آن دی مشفق است ** صیف خندانست اما محرقست
  • If December is sour-faced, (yet) it is kind; summer is laughing, but (none the less) it is burning (destroying).
  • چونک قبض آید تو در وی بسط بین ** تازه باش و چین میفکن در جبین
  • When (spiritual) contraction comes, behold expansion therein: be fresh (cheerful) and do not let wrinkles fall on your brow.
  • کودکان خندان و دانایان ترش ** غم جگر را باشد و شادی ز شش 3740
  • Children are laughing, and sages are sour: sorrow appertains to the liver, and joy arises from the lungs.
  • چشم کودک همچو خر در آخرست ** چشم عاقل در حساب آخرست
  • The eye of the child, like (that of) the ass, is (fixed) on the stall; the eye of the wise man is (engaged) in reckoning the end.
  • او در آخر چرب می‌بیند علف ** وین ز قصاب آخرش بیند تلف
  • He (the child) sees the rich fodder in the stall, while this (wise man) sees his ultimate end to be death by (the hand of) the Butcher.
  • آن علف تلخست کین قصاب داد ** بهر لحم ما ترازویی نهاد
  • That fodder is bitter (in the end), for this Butcher gave it: He set up a pair of scales for our flesh.
  • رو ز حکمت خور علف کان را خدا ** بی غرض دادست از محض عطا
  • Go, eat the fodder of wisdom which God hath given (us) disinterestedly from pure bounty.