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  • وان یکی گفتی که شب قفلی نهید ** غافلی کاید شما کم ره دهید 3930
  • And another would say, “Bolt (the door) at night, (and when) a heedless person comes, do not admit him.”
  • مهمان آمدن در آن مسجد
  • How the guest came into the mosque.
  • تا یکی مهمان در آمد وقت شب ** کو شنیده بود آن صیت عجب
  • (So it continued) till a guest arrived at nightfall who had heard that marvellous rumour.
  • از برای آزمون می‌آزمود ** زانک بس مردانه و جان سیر بود
  • He was testing (it) in order to put (it) to the proof, for he was very valiant and surfeited with life.
  • گفت کم گیرم سر و اشکمبه‌ای ** رفته گیر از گنج جان یک حبه‌ای
  • He said (to himself), “I take little account of a (sheep's) head and belly: suppose that one grain is gone from the spirit's treasure, (what does it matter?)
  • صورت تن گو برو من کیستم ** نقش کم ناید چو من باقیستم
  • Let the bodily form go: who am I (in reality)? Is not the (bodily) figure of small account when I am enduring for ever?
  • چون نفخت بودم از لطف خدا ** نفخ حق باشم ز نای تن جدا 3935
  • Since by the grace of God the (Divine) spirit was breathed into me, I am the breath of God (which is) kept apart from the windpipe of the body,
  • تا نیفتد بانگ نفخش این طرف ** تا رهد آن گوهر از تنگین صدف
  • To the end that the sound of His breathing should not fall in this direction, and that that (spiritual) pearl should escape from the narrow (bodily) shell.
  • چون تمنوا موت گفت ای صادقین ** صادقم جان را برافشانم برین
  • Since God said, ‘Desire death, O ye that are sincere,’ I am sincere: I will lavish my soul upon this (I will sacrifice my life for this object).”
  • ملامت کردن اهل مسجد مهمان عاشق را از شب خفتن در آنجا و تهدید کردن مرورا
  • How the people of the mosque blamed the lover-guest for (his intention of) sleeping the night there and threatened him.
  • قوم گفتندش که هین اینجا مخسپ ** تا نکوبد جانستانت همچو کسپ
  • The people said to him, “Beware! Do not sleep here, lest the Taker of the soul pound thee like the dregs of sesame-grain,
  • که غریبی و نمی‌دانی ز حال ** کاندرین جا هر که خفت آمد زوال
  • For thou art a stranger and ignorant of the fact that any one who sleeps in this place perishes.