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  • تا موکل نشنود بر ما جهد ** خود سخن در گوش آن سلطان برد
  • (Saying, “Beware) lest the custodian hear (us) and spring upon us and personally carry our words to the ear of that (spiritual) Sultan.”
  • آگاه شدن پیغامبر علیه السلام از طعن ایشان بر شماتت او
  • How the Prophet, on whom be peace, became aware of their chiding him for his exultation.
  • گرچه نشنید آن موکل آن سخن ** رفت در گوشی که آن بد من لدن
  • Though the custodian did not hear those words, they entered into the ear that was (hearing) from the presence (of God).
  • بوی پیراهان یوسف را ندید ** آنک حافظ بود و یعقوبش کشید
  • The scent of Joseph's spirit was not perceived by its keeper, but Jacob inhaled it.
  • آن شیاطین بر عنان آسمان ** نشنوند آن سر لوح غیب‌دان 4530
  • The devils on the high front of Heaven do not hear the secret of the mystery-knowing Tablet;
  • آن محمد خفته و تکیه زده ** آمده سر گرد او گردان شده
  • (But when) Mohammed went to sleep and reclined (on his bed), the secret came (to him) and circled round him.
  • او خورد حلوا که روزیشست باز ** آن نه کانگشتان او باشد دراز
  • He whose allotted portion is open (for him to take) eats the sweetmeat, not he whose fingers are long.
  • نجم ثاقب گشته حارس دیوران ** که بهل دزدی ز احمد سر ستان
  • The gleaming star became a watchman and drove the devils away, saying, “Abandon theft and receive the secret from Ahmad (Mohammed).”
  • ای دویده سوی دکان از پگاه ** هین به مسجد رو بجو رزق اله
  • O thou whose eyes from early (in the day) are (turned) towards (thy) shop, hark, go to the mosque and seek the portion allotted by God.
  • پس رسول آن گفتشان را فهم کرد ** گفت آن خنده نبودم از نبرد 4535
  • The Prophet, then, apprehended their words and said, “That laughter of mine was not from hostility.
  • مرده‌اند ایشان و پوسیده‌ی فنا ** مرده کشتن نیست مردی پیش ما
  • They (the captives) are dead and rotted by decay: in my judgement it is not the part of a (true) man to kill the dead.