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  • قهر می‌کردید و اندر عین قهر ** خود شما مقهور قهر شیر دهر 4560
  • Ye were overpowering (me), whilst in the very act of overpowering ye yourselves were being overpowered by the lion (which is) Time.”
  • بیان آنک طاغی در عین قاهری مقهورست و در عین منصوری ماسور
  • Showing that the rebellious sinner in the very act of overpowering is overpowered, and in the very moment of victory is made captive.
  • دزد قهرخواجه کرد و زر کشید ** او بدان مشغول خود والی رسید
  • The robber overpowered (murdered) the merchant and carried off the gold: he was just engaged in that (business), (when) the magistrate arrived.
  • گر ز خواجه آن زمان بگریختی ** کی برو والی حشر انگیختی
  • If at that time he had fled from the merchant, how should the magistrate have set the police on him?
  • قاهری دزد مقهوریش بود ** زانک قهر او سر او را ربود
  • The robber's overpowering (the merchant) was (in reality) his being overpowered (and punished), because his act of violence took away his head (life).
  • غالبی بر خواجه دام او شود ** تا رسد والی و بستاند قود
  • (His) prevailing over the merchant becomes a trap for him, in order that the magistrate may arrive and take retaliation (on the murderer).
  • ای که تو بر خلق چیره گشته‌ای ** در نبرد و غالبی آغشته‌ای 4565
  • O thou that hast become mighty over the people and art steeped in warfare and victory,
  • آن به قاصد منهزم کردستشان ** تا ترا در حلقه می‌آرد کشان
  • That One (God) hath purposely caused them to be routed, that all the while drawing thee on He may (at last) bring thee into the net.
  • هین عنان در کش پی این منهزم ** در مران تا تو نگردی منخزم
  • Beware, draw rein! Do not push on in pursuit of this fugitive, lest thou have thy nostrils pierced with a nose-ring.
  • چون کشانیدت بدین شیوه به دام ** حمله بینی بعد از آن اندر زحام
  • When by this device He hath drawn thee into the trap, after that thou wilt see the onset (of the people) pressing in crowds (upon thee).
  • عقل ازین غالب شدن کی گشت شاد ** چون درین غالب شدن دید او فساد
  • When did the intellect (ever) rejoice in this victory, inasmuch as in this victory it saw ruin?