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  • ما ز ظلم او به تنگی اندریم ** با لب بسته ازو خون می‌خوریم 4645
  • Through his oppression we are in sore straits: with closed lips we are drinking blood (suffering torment) from him.”
  • امرکردن سلیمان علیه السلام پشه‌ی متظلم را به احضار خصم به دیوان حکم
  • How Solomon, on whom be peace, commanded the plaintiff gnat to bring its adversary to the court of judgement.
  • پس سلیمان گفت ای زیبادوی ** امر حق باید که از جان بشنوی
  • Then Solomon said, “O thou with the pretty voice, it behoves thee to hearken with (all thy) soul to the command of God.
  • حق به من گفتست هان ای دادور ** مشنو از خصمی تو بی خصمی دگر
  • God hath said to me, ‘Beware, O Judge! Do not hear one litigant without the other litigant.
  • تانیاید هر دو خصم اندر حضور ** حق نیاید پیش حاکم در ظهور
  • Until both litigants come into the presence, the truth does not come to light before the judge.
  • خصم تنها گر بر آرد صد نفیر ** هان و هان بی خصم قول او مگیر
  • If the (one) litigant alone raise a hundred clamours, beware, beware! Do not accept his word without (hearing) his adversary.’
  • من نیارم رو ز فرمان تافتن ** خصم خود را رو بیاور سوی من 4650
  • I dare not avert my face from the (Divine) command. Go, bring thy adversary before me.”
  • گفت قول تست برهان و درست ** خصم من بادست و او در حکم تست
  • It (the gnat) said, “Thy words are an argument (conclusive) and sound. My adversary is the Wind, and he is in thy jurisdiction.”
  • بانگ زد آن شه که ای باد صبا ** پشه افغان کرد از ظلمت بیا
  • The King shouted, “O East-wind, the gnat complains of thy injustice: come!
  • هین مقابل شو تو و خصم و بگو ** پاسخ خصم و بکن دفع عدو
  • Hark, come face to face with thy adversary and reply to thy adversary and rebut thy opponent.”
  • باد چون بشنید آمد تیز تیز ** پشه بگرفت آن زمان راه گریز
  • When the Wind heard (the summons), he came very rapidly: the gnat at once took to flight.