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  • ناقه چون سر کرد در آب و گلش ** نه گل آنجا ماند نه جان و دلش
  • When the she-camel put her head into its water and clay, neither its clay remained there (in existence) nor its soul and heart.
  • کرد فضل عشق انسان را فضول ** زین فزون‌جویی ظلومست و جهول
  • Pre-eminence in love made Man overweening: because of this desire for excess he is very unjust and very ignorant.
  • جاهلست و اندرین مشکل شکار ** می‌کشد خرگوش شیری در کنار
  • He is ignorant, and in this difficult chase the hare is clasping a lion in his arms.
  • کی کنار اندر کشیدی شیر را ** گر بدانستی و دیدی شیر را
  • How would he clasp the lion in his arms, if he knew and saw the lion?
  • ظالمست او بر خود و بر جان خود ** ظلم بین کز عدلها گو می‌برد 4675
  • He is unjust to himself and to his own soul: behold an injustice that bears away the ball (the palm) from (all) justices!
  • جهل او مر علمها را اوستاد ** ظلم او مر عدلها را شد رشاد
  • His ignorance is the teacher to (all) knowledges, his injustice has become the right way for (all) justices.
  • دست او بگرفت کین رفته دمش ** آنگهی آید که من دم بخشمش
  • He (the Sadr-i Jahán) took his (the lover’s) hand, saying, “This man whose breath has departed will (only) then come (to life) when I give him (spiritual) breath.
  • چون به من زنده شود این مرده‌تن ** جان من باشد که رو آرد به من
  • When this man whose body is dead shall become l through Me, (then) it will be My spirit that turns its face towards Me.
  • من کنم او را ازین جان محتشم ** جان که من بخشم ببیند بخششم
  • By means of this spirit I make him possessed of high estate: (only) the spirit that I give sees (experiences) My bounty.
  • جان نامحرم نبیند روی دوست ** جز همان جان کاصل او از کوی اوست 4680
  • The unfamiliar (unprivileged) spirit does not see the face of the Beloved: (none sees it) except that spirit whose origin is from His dwelling-place.