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  • آن زکاتی دان که غمگین را دهی ** گوش را چون پیش دستانش نهی
  • Know that when you set your ear to his tale, that is the alms which you give to the sad;
  • بشنوی غمهای رنجوران دل ** فاقه‌ی جان شریف از آب و گل
  • (For) you will hear the sorrows of the heart-sick—the starvation of the noble spirit by the water and clay (of the body).
  • خانه‌ی پر دود دارد پر فنی ** مر ورا بگشا ز اصغا روزنی 485
  • (Though it is) one filled with knowledge, it hath a house filled with smoke: open a window for it by listening.
  • گوش تو او را چو راه دم شود ** دود تلخ از خانه‌ی او کم شود
  • When your ear becomes a way of breath (relief) for it, the bitter smoke will decrease (and disappear) from its house.
  • غمگساری کن تو با ما ای روی ** گر به سوی رب اعلی می‌روی
  • Show sympathy with us, O well-watered (prosperous) one, if you are faring to wards the most high Lord.
  • این تردد حبس و زندانی بود ** که بنگذارد که جان سویی رود
  • This vacillation is a prison and gaol that will not let the soul go in any direction.
  • این بدین سو آن بدان سو می‌کشد ** هر یکی گویا منم راه رشد
  • This (motive) draws (you) in one direction, and that (motive) in another, each (motive) saying, “I am the right way.”
  • این تردد عقبه‌ی راه حقست ** ای خنک آن را که پایش مطلقست 490
  • This vacillation is a precipice on the Way to God: oh, blest is he whose feet are loosed (from its bonds).
  • بی‌تردد می‌رود در راه راست ** ره نمی‌دانی بجو گامش کجاست
  • He fares on the right way without vacillation: (if) you do not know the way, seek (to find) where his footprints are.
  • گام آهو را بگیر و رو معاف ** تا رسی از گام آهو تا بناف
  • Cleave to the footprints of the deer and advance safely, that from the deer's footprints you may attain to the musk-gland.