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  • غیر آن که در گریزی در قضا ** هیچ حیله ندهدت از وی رها
  • Except that you take refuge with the Decree, no contrivance will give you release from it.
  • قصه‌ی اهل ضروان و حیلت کردن ایشان تا بی زحمت درویشان باغها را قطاف کنند
  • The Story of the people of Zarwán and how they contrived that they should pick the fruit in their orchards without being troubled by the poor.
  • قصه‌ی اصحاب ضروان خوانده‌ای ** پس چرا در حیله‌جویی مانده‌ای
  • You have read the story of the people of Zarwán: then why have you persisted in seeking expedients?
  • حیله می‌کردند کزدم‌نیش چند ** که برند از روزی درویش چند 475
  • Several (noxious) men who stung like scorpions were contriving that they might cut off part of the daily bread of some poor folk.
  • شب همه شب می‌سگالیدند مکر ** روی در رو کرده چندین عمرو و بکر
  • During the night, the whole night, they were devising a plot; many a ‘Amr and Bakr had put their faces together.
  • خفیه می‌گفتند سرها آن بدان ** تا نباید که خدا در یابد آن
  • Those wicked men were speaking their inmost thoughts in secret, lest God should discover it.
  • با گل انداینده اسگالید گل ** دست کاری می‌کند پنهان ز دل
  • Did the clay devise (evil) against the Plasterer? Is the hand doing any work that is hidden from the heart?
  • گفت الا یعلم هواک من خلق ** ان فی نجواک صدقا ام ملق
  • He (God) hath said, “Doth not He who created (thee) know thy desire, (doth not He know) whether in thy secret conversation there is sincerity or cajolery?”
  • گفت یغفل عن ظعین قد غدا ** من یعاین این مثواه غدا 480
  • He hath said, "Shall He be forgetful of a traveller who has set out at morn, One who sees plainly where shall be his lodging to-morrow?"
  • اینما قد هبطا او صعدا ** قد تولاه و احصی عددا
  • Wheresoever he has descended or mounted, He hath taken charge of it and reckoned (it) up by number.
  • گوش را اکنون ز غفلت پاک کن ** استماع هجر آن غمناک کن
  • Now purge your ear of forgetfulness and listen to the separation (forlorn plight) of the sorrowful one.