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  • چون بصد الحاح آمد سوی در ** گفت آخر چیست ای جان پدر 620
  • When (at last), in response to a hundred urgent entreaties, he came to the door, he said, “Why, what is it, my dear sir?”
  • گفت من آن حقها بگذاشتم ** ترک کردم آنچ می‌پنداشتم
  • He replied, “I abandon those claims (to thy gratitude), I renounce that (recompense) which I was fancying.
  • پنج‌ساله رنج دیدم پنج روز ** جان مسکینم درین گرما و سوز
  • I have suffered five years' pain: five days my miserable soul (hath been) amidst this heat and blaze.”
  • یک جفا از خویش و از یار و تبار ** در گرانی هست چون سیصد هزار
  • One injustice from kindred and friends and family is in heaviness as three hundred thousand,
  • زانک دل ننهاد بر جور و جفاش ** جانش خوگر بود با لطف و وفاش
  • Because he (the sufferer) did not set his mind on (anticipate) his (the friend's) cruelty and injustice: his soul was accustomed to kindness and faithfulness from him.
  • هرچه بر مردم بلا و شدتست ** این یقین دان کز خلاف عادتست 625
  • Whatsoever is tribulation and sore grief to men, know for sure that this is in consequence of its being contrary to habit.
  • گفت ای خورشید مهرت در زوال ** گر تو خونم ریختی کردم حلال
  • He (the townsman) said (further), “O thou the sun of whose love is in decline, if thou hast shed my blood, I acquit thee.
  • امشب باران به ما ده گوشه‌ای ** تا بیابی در قیامت توشه‌ای
  • On this night of rain give us a nook (to shelter in), so that at the Resurrection thou mayst obtain a viaticum (reward for the good work).”
  • گفت یک گوشه‌ست آن باغبان ** هست اینجا گرگ را او پاسبان
  • “There is a nook,” he replied, “belonging to the keeper of the vineyard: he keeps watch there against the wolf,
  • در کفش تیر و کمان از بهر گرگ ** تا زند گر آید آن گرگ سترگ
  • (With) bow and arrow in his hand on account of the wolf, so that he may shoot if the fierce wolf should come.