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  • گستریدیمی درین بی‌داد جا ** عدل و انصاف و عبادات و وفا
  • We would spread in this place of injustice (a carpet of) justice and equity and devotions and faithfulness.”
  • این بگفتند و قضا می‌گفت بیست ** پیش پاتان دام ناپیدا بسیست 830
  • This they said, and the Divine decree was saying (to them), “Stop! Before your feet there is many an unseen pitfall.”
  • هین مدو گستاخ در دشت بلا ** هین مران کورانه اندر کربلا
  • Beware, do not run boldly into the desert of woe! Beware, do not push on blindly into the Karbalá (of tribulation),
  • که ز موی و استخوان هالکان ** می‌نیابد راه پای سالکان
  • For because of the hair and bones of the perished the travellers' feet find no way.
  • جمله‌ی راه استخوان و موی و پی ** بس که تیغ قهر لاشی کرد شی
  • The whole way is (covered with) bones and hair and sinews: many is the thing that the sword of Vengeance hath made nothing.
  • گفت حق که بندگان جفت عون ** بر زمین آهسته می‌رانند و هون
  • God hath said that (His) servants (who are) attended by (His) help walk on the earth quietly and meekly.
  • پا برهنه چون رود در خارزار ** جز بوقفه و فکرت و پرهیزگار 835
  • How should a bare-footed man go into the thorn-thicket save with halting and reflection and cautiously?
  • این قضا می‌گفت لیکن گوششان ** بسته بود اندر حجاب جوششان
  • The Decree was saying this (to them), but their ears were closed in the (muffling) veil of their hotheadedness.
  • چشمها و گوشها را بسته‌اند ** جز مر آنها را که از خود رسته‌اند
  • (All) eyes and ears have been closed, except for them that have escaped from themselves.
  • جز عنایت که گشاید چشم را ** جز محبت که نشاند خشم را
  • Who but Grace shall open the eyes? Who but Love shall allay the (Divine) Wrath?