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  • پاسخش دادند که خدمت کنیم ** گر تو خواهی یک مه اینجا ساکنیم
  • They answered him, saying, “We will do service (to thee): if thou desire, we will dwell here a month.”
  • بازگشتن فرعون از میدان به شهر شاد بتفریق بنی اسرائیل از زنانشان در شب حمل
  • How Pharaoh returned from the maydán to the city, glad at having parted the Israelites from their wives on the night of the conception (of Moses).
  • شه شبانگه باز آمد شادمان ** کامشبان حملست و دورند از زنان
  • At nightfall the King came back (to the city), rejoicing and saying (to himself), “The conception is to-night, and they are far from their wives.”
  • خازنش عمران هم اندر خدمتش ** هم به شهر آمد قرین صحبتش
  • ‘Imrán, his treasurer, also came to the city in attendance upon him as his companion.
  • گفت ای عمران برین در خسپ تو ** هین مرو سوی زن و صحبت مجو
  • He said, “O ‘Imrán, do thou sleep at this door. Beware! go not to thy wife or seek to lie with her.”
  • گفت خسپم هم برین درگاه تو ** هیچ نندیشم بجز دلخواه تو 875
  • He replied, “I will sleep at this portal of thine; I will think of naught but thy pleasure.”
  • بود عمران هم ز اسرائیلیان ** لیک مر فرعون را دل بود و جان
  • ‘Imrán, too, was one of the Israelites, but he was (dear as) heart and soul to Pharaoh.
  • کی گمان بردی که او عصیان کند ** آنک خوف جان فرعون آن کند
  • How should he (Pharaoh) have thought that he (‘Imrán) would disobey (Pharaoh's orders) and do that which (was) the dread of Pharaoh's soul?
  • جمع آمدن عمران به مادر موسی و حامله شدن مادر موسی علیه‌السلام
  • How ‘Imrán lay with the mother of Moses and how the mother of Moses, on him be peace, became pregnant.
  • شب برفت و او بر آن درگاه خفت ** نیم‌شب آمد پی دیدنش جفت
  • The King departed, and he (‘Imrán) slept at the door; at midnight his wife came to see him.
  • زن برو افتاد و بوسید آن لبش ** بر جهانیدش ز خواب اندر شبش
  • The wife fell upon him and kissed his lips: she roused him from his slumber in the night.
  • گشت بیدار او و زن را دید خوش ** بوسه باران کرده از لب بر لبش 880
  • He awoke and saw that his wife was fair and that she rained kisses from her lips upon his.