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  • کی گمان بردی که او عصیان کند ** آنک خوف جان فرعون آن کند
  • How should he (Pharaoh) have thought that he (‘Imrán) would disobey (Pharaoh's orders) and do that which (was) the dread of Pharaoh's soul?
  • جمع آمدن عمران به مادر موسی و حامله شدن مادر موسی علیه‌السلام
  • How ‘Imrán lay with the mother of Moses and how the mother of Moses, on him be peace, became pregnant.
  • شب برفت و او بر آن درگاه خفت ** نیم‌شب آمد پی دیدنش جفت
  • The King departed, and he (‘Imrán) slept at the door; at midnight his wife came to see him.
  • زن برو افتاد و بوسید آن لبش ** بر جهانیدش ز خواب اندر شبش
  • The wife fell upon him and kissed his lips: she roused him from his slumber in the night.
  • گشت بیدار او و زن را دید خوش ** بوسه باران کرده از لب بر لبش 880
  • He awoke and saw that his wife was fair and that she rained kisses from her lips upon his.
  • گفت عمران این زمان چون آمدی ** گفت از شوق و قضای ایزدی
  • ‘Imrán said, “How didst thou come at this time?” She said, “From desire (of thee) and from the Divine ordinance.”
  • در کشیدش در کنار از مهر مرد ** بر نیامد با خود آن دم در نبرد
  • The man drew her lovingly into his arms; at that moment he did not rise to (did not engage in) battle with himself.
  • جفت شد با او امانت را سپرد ** پس بگفت ای زن نه این کاریست خرد
  • Concubuit cum ea et depositum (semen) tradidit; then he said, “O wife, this is not a small matter.
  • آهنی بر سنگ زد زاد آتشی ** آتشی از شاه و ملکش کین‌کشی
  • A steel struck upon the stone, and a fire was born—a fire that shall take vengeance on the King and his empire.
  • من چو ابرم تو زمین موسی نبات ** حق شه شطرنج و ما ماتیم مات 885
  • I am as the cloud, thou the earth, and Moses the plant. God is (as) the king on the chessboard, and we are checkmated, checkmated.
  • مات و برد از شاه می‌دان ای عروس ** آن مدان از ما مکن بر ما فسوس
  • Deem (both) checkmate and victory (to proceed) from the King, O spouse: do not deem them to be from us, do not jeer at us.