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  • آنچ این فرعون می‌ترسد ازو ** هست شد این دم که گشتم جفت تو
  • That of which this Pharaoh is afraid came into being at the moment when I lay with thee.
  • وصیت کردن عمران جفت خود را بعد از مجامعت کی مرا ندیده باشی
  • How after having lain with her ‘Imrán charged his wife to pretend that she had not visited him.
  • وا مگردان هیچ ازینها دم مزن ** تا نیاید بر من و تو صد حزن
  • Do not reveal aught of these things, do not breathe a word, lest there come upon me and thee a hundred sorrows.
  • عاقبت پیدا شود آثار این ** چون علامتها رسید ای نازنین
  • In the end the effects of this will be made manifest, forasmuch as the signs have (already) appeared, O beloved.”
  • در زمان از سوی میدان نعره‌ها ** می‌رسید از خلق و پر می‌شد هوا 890
  • Forthwith from the direction of the maydán loud cries were (heard) coming from the people, and the air was filled (with noise).
  • شاه از آن هیبت برون جست آن زمان ** پابرهنه کین چه غلغلهاست هان
  • Thereupon the King, in terror, sprang forth bare-footed (from his chamber), saying, “Hark, what are these tumults?
  • از سوی میدان چه بانگست و غریو ** کز نهیبش می‌رمد جنی و دیو
  • What is the noise and uproar from the direction of the maydán, in fear whereof genie and demon are fleeing in dismay?”
  • گفت عمران شاه ما را عمر باد ** قوم اسرائیلیانند از تو شاد
  • ‘Imrán said, “May our King live (long)! The people of Israel are rejoicing on account of thee.
  • از عطای شاه شادی می‌کنند ** رقص می‌آرند و کفها می‌زنند
  • Because of the bounty of the King they are making merry and dancing and clapping their hands.”
  • گفت باشد کین بود اما ولیک ** وهم و اندیشه مرا پر کرد نیک 895
  • He (Pharaoh) said, “Maybe it is this, but it makes me very suspicious and anxious.
  • ترسیدن فرعون از آن بانگ
  • How Pharaoh was frightened by the noise.
  • این صدا جان مرا تغییر کرد ** از غم و اندوه تلخم پیر کرد
  • This sound hath marred my soul and aged me with bitter pain and grief.”