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  • شب ستاره‌ی آن پسر آمد عیان ** کوری ما بر جبین آسمان
  • During the night the star of that boy became clearly visible, to our confusion, on the front of heaven.
  • زد ستاره‌ی آن پیمبر بر سما ** ما ستاره‌بار گشتیم از بکا
  • The star of that prophet shot up in the sky: we, from weeping, began to shed stars (glistening tears).”
  • با دل خوش شاد عمران وز نفاق ** دست بر سر می‌بزد کاه الفراق
  • ‘Imrán, with a right glad heart and from hypocrisy, was beating his hands on his head and crying, “Alas, all is lost.”
  • کرد عمران خویش پر خشم و ترش ** رفت چون دیوانگان بی عقل و هش
  • ‘Imrán feigned to be wrathful and grim, he went (amongst them) senseless and witless, like madmen.
  • خویشتن را اعجمی کرد و براند ** گفته‌های بس خشن بر جمع خواند 915
  • He feigned to be ignorant and pushed forward and addressed to the company (of astrologers) words exceeding rough.
  • خویشتن را ترش و غمگین ساخت او ** نردهای بازگونه باخت او
  • He made himself out to be bitterly annoyed and grieved, he played (with) reversed dice.
  • گفتشان شاه مرا بفریفتید ** از خیانت وز طمع نشکیفتید
  • He said to them, “Ye have deceived my King, ye have not refrained from treachery and covetousness.
  • سوی میدان شاه را انگیختید ** آب روی شاه ما را ریختید
  • Ye roused the King (to go) towards the maydán, ye let our King's honour go to waste.
  • دست بر سینه زدیت اندر ضمان ** شاه را ما فارغ آریم از غمان
  • Ye put your hands on your breasts in warrant, saying, ‘We will set the King free from cares.’”
  • شاه هم بشنید و گفت ای خاینان ** من بر آویزم شما را بی امان 920
  • The King too heard (how the astrologers excused themselves) and said, “O traitors, I will hang you up without quarter.