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  • آتشت را هیزم فرعون نیست ** ورنه چون فرعون او شعله‌زنیست 975
  • Thy fire hath not Pharaoh's fuel; otherwise, it is one that throws out flames like Pharaoh.
  • حکایت مارگیر کی اژدهای فسرده را مرده پنداشت در ریسمانهاش پیچید و آورد به بغداد
  • Story of the snake-catcher who thought the frozen serpent was dead and wound it in ropes and brought it to Baghdád.
  • یک حکایت بشنو از تاریخ‌گوی ** تا بری زین راز سرپوشیده بوی
  • Listen to a tale of the chronicler, in order that you may get an inkling of this veiled mystery.
  • مارگیری رفت سوی کوهسار ** تا بگیرد او به افسونهاش مار
  • A snake-catcher went to the mountains to catch a snake by his incantations.
  • گر گران و گر شتابنده بود ** آنک جویندست یابنده بود
  • Whether one be slow or speedy (in movement), he that is a seeker will be a finder.
  • در طلب زن دایما تو هر دو دست ** که طلب در راه نیکو رهبرست
  • Always apply yourself with both hands (with all your might) to seeking, for search is an excellent guide on the way.
  • لنگ و لوک و خفته‌شکل و بی‌ادب ** سوی او می‌غیژ و او را می‌طلب 980
  • (Though you be) lame and limping and bent in figure and unmannerly, ever creep towards Him and be in quest of Him.
  • گه بگفت و گه بخاموشی و گه ** بوی کردن گیر هر سو بوی شه
  • Now by speech and now by silence and now by smelling, catch in every quarter the scent of the King.
  • گفت آن یعقوب با اولاد خویش ** جستن یوسف کنید از حد بیش
  • Jacob said to his sons, “Make search for Joseph beyond (all) bounds.
  • هر حس خود را درین جستن بجد ** هر طرف رانید شکل مستعد
  • In this search earnestly direct your every sense towards every side, like one that is ready.”
  • گفت از روح خدا لا تیاسوا ** همچو گم کرده پسر رو سو بسو
  • He (Jacob) said, “Do not despair of God's breath (mercy)”; go thou (also) to and fro as one that has lost his son.