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  • زانک ظاهر خاک اندوه و بکاست ** در درونش صد هزاران خنده‌هاست
  • For (though) outwardly the earth is (all) sorrow and tears, within it there are hundreds of thousands of laughters.
  • کاشف السریم و کار ما همین ** کین نهانها را بر آریم از کمین
  • We are the Revealer of the mystery, and Our work is just this, that We bring forth these hidden things from concealment.
  • گرچه دزد از منکری تن می‌زند ** شحنه آن از عصر پیدا می‌کند 1015
  • Although the thief is mute in denial (of his theft), the magistrate brings it to light by torture.
  • فضلها دزدیده‌اند این خاکها ** تا مقر آریمشان از ابتلا
  • These (diverse) earths have stolen (Our) favours, so that through affliction We may bring them to confess.
  • بس عجب فرزند کو را بوده است ** لیک احمد بر همه افزوده است
  • Many is the wondrous child that it (the earth) hath had, but Ahmad (Mohammed) hath surpassed them all.
  • شد زمین و آسمان خندان و شاد ** کین چنین شاهی ز ما دو جفت زاد
  • Earth and Heaven laugh and rejoice, saying, ‘From us two (who are) joined in wedlock such a king is born!’
  • می‌شکافد آسمان از شادیش ** خاک چون سوسن شده ز آزادیش
  • Heaven is bursting for joy of him; earth is become like the lily on account of his purity.
  • ظاهرت با باطنت ای خاک خوش ** چونک در جنگ‌اند و اندر کش‌مکش 1020
  • Since thy outward and thy inward, O fair earth, are at war and (engaged) in struggling (with each other)—
  • هر که با خود بهر حق باشد به جنگ ** تا شود معنیش خصم بو و رنگ
  • Whoso is at war with himself for God's sake, to the end that his (inward) reality may become the opponent of (mere) scent and colour,
  • ظلمتش با نور او شد در قتال ** آفتاب جانش را نبود زوال
  • (If) his darkness is in combat with his light, the sun of his spirit will never set.