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  • این چنین جذبیست نی هر جذب عام ** که نهادش فضل احمد والسلام
  • Such is the pull—not every common pull—to which Ahmad (Mohammed) awarded the pre-eminence. And (now) farewell!
  • نوشتن آن غلام قصه‌ی شکایت نقصان اجری سوی پادشاه
  • How the slave wrote to the King a statement complaining of the reduction of his allowance
  • قصه کوته کن برای آن غلام ** که سوی شه بر نوشتست او پیام
  • Cut short the discourse (on these topics) for the sake of (re turning to the story of) the slave who has written a message to the King
  • قصه پر جنگ و پر هستی و کین ** می‌فرستد پیش شاه نازنین
  • He is sending to the gracious King a statement filled with wrangling and self-conceit and hatred.
  • کالبد نامه‌ست اندر وی نگر ** هست لایق شاه را آنگه ببر
  • The body is (like) a letter: look into it (and see) whether it is worthy of the King; then take it (to Him).
  • گوشه‌ای رو نامه را بگشا بخوان ** بین که حرفش هست در خورد شهان 1565
  • Go into a corner, open the letter, read (it), see whether its‘ words are suitable to kings.
  • گر نباشد درخور آن را پاره کن ** نامه‌ی دیگر نویس و چاره کن
  • If it be not suitable, tear it in pieces and write another letter and remedy (the fault).
  • لیک فتح نامه‌ی تن زپ مدان ** ورنه هر کس سر دل دیدی عیان
  • But do not think it is easy to open the letter which is the body; otherwise every one would plainly see the secret of the heart.
  • نامه بگشادن چه دشوارست و صعب ** کار مردانست نه طفلان کعب
  • How hard and difficult is it to open the letter! ‘Tis a task for men, not for children playing at knuckle
  • جمله بر فهرست قانع گشته‌ایم ** زانک در حرص و هوا آغشته‌ایم
  • We have all become satisfied with (reading) the table of contents, because we are steeped in cupidity and vain desire.
  • باشد آن فهرست دامی عامه را ** تا چنان دانند متن نامه را 1570
  • The table of contents is a snare for the vulgar, that they may think the text of the scroll is like that (table).