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  • در جوال آن کن که می‌باید کشید ** سوی سلطانان و شاهان رشید
  • Put in the sack that (only) which must be brought to righteous sultans and kings.
  • حکایت آن فقیه با دستار بزرگ و آنک بربود دستارش و بانگ می‌زد کی باز کن ببین کی چه می‌بری آنگه ببر
  • Story of the divine with a big turban and the man who carried it off, and how he (the divine) shouted, “Undo it and see what you are taking: then take it (if you wish)!”
  • یک فقیهی ژنده‌ها در چیده بود ** در عمامه‌ی خویش در پیچیده بود
  • A certain divine had collected some old rags and wound them in his turban,
  • تا شود زفت و نماید آن عظیم ** چون در آید سوی محفل در حطیم
  • In order that it might become big and look grand when he came into the assembly in the Hatím.
  • ژنده‌ها از جامه‌ها پیراسته ** ظاهرا دستار از آن آراسته 1580
  • He had clipped the rags from (various) garments and outwardly embellished the turban with them.
  • ظاهر دستار چون حله‌ی بهشت ** چون منافق اندرون رسوا و زشت
  • The exterior of the turban was like a robe of Paradise, (but) it was shameful and ugly within, like the hypocrite.
  • پاره پاره دلق و پنبه و پوستین ** در درون آن عمامه بد دفین
  • Shreds of dalq (dervish-cloak) and cotton and fur were buried inside that turban.
  • روی سوی مدرسه کرده صبوح ** تا بدین ناموس یابد او فتوح
  • He had set his face towards the college at dawn, that by means of this false dignity he might gain (material) blessings.
  • در ره تاریک مردی جامه کن ** منتظر استاده بود از بهر فن
  • A clothes-robber stood waiting on the dark road to practise his craft.
  • در ربود او از سرش دستار را ** پس دوان شد تا بسازد کار را 1585
  • He snatched the turban from his head, and then started to run in order that he might settle the business.
  • پس فقیهش بانگ برزد کای پسر ** باز کن دستار را آنگه ببر
  • Thereupon the divine shouted at him, saying, “O son, undo the turban (first), then take it (away with you).