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  • گفت زین سو بوی یاری می‌رسد ** کاندرین ده شهریاری می‌رسد
  • He (Báyazíd) said, “The scent of a friend is coming from this quarter, for a (spiritual) monarch is coming into this village.
  • بعد چندین سال می‌زاید شهی ** می‌زند بر آسمانها خرگهی 1835
  • After such and such a number of years a king will be born (here): he will pitch a tent above the heavens.
  • رویش از گلزار حق گلگون بود ** از من او اندر مقام افزون بود
  • His face will be coloured with roses from the rosery of God: he will surpass me in station.”
  • چیست نامش گفت نامش بوالحسن ** حلیه‌اش وا گفت ز ابرو و ذقن
  • (The disciple asked), “What is his name?” He replied, “His name is Bu ’l- Hasan,” and described his features—his eyebrows and chin;
  • قد او و رنگ او و شکل او ** یک به یک واگفت از گیسو و رو
  • He described his height and his complexion and his figure and spoke in detail of his locks of hair and his face.
  • حلیه‌های روح او را هم نمود ** از صفات و از طریقه و جا و بود
  • He also declared his spiritual features—his qualities and the way (he should follow in his religion) and his (spiritual) rank and estate.
  • حلیه‌ی تن هم‌چو تن عاریتیست ** دل بر آن کم نه که آن یک ساعتیست 1840
  • The bodily features, like the body (itself), are borrowed (transient): set not your heart on them, for they are lasting (only) one hour.
  • حلیه‌ی روح طبیعی هم فناست ** حلیه‌ی آن جان طلب کان بر سماست
  • The features of the natural (animal) spirit also are perishable: seek the features of that spirit which is above the sky.
  • جسم او هم‌چون چراغی بر زمین ** نور او بالای سقف هفتمین
  • Its body is on the earth, like a lamp, (but) its light is above the Seventh Roof (of heaven).
  • آن شعاع آفتاب اندر وثاق ** قرص او اندر چهارم چارطاق
  • Those rays of the sun are in the house, (but) their orb is in the Fourth Dome (of heaven).