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  • سبلتت گنده کند بی‌فایده ** جامه از دیگش سیه بی‌مایده
  • He (the unsavoury fool) uselessly makes your moustache fetid; your dress is blackened by his kettle without (there being) a table (of food).
  • مایده عقلست نی نان و شوی ** نور عقلست ای پسر جان را غذی
  • Intelligence is the table, not bread and roast-meat: the light of intelligence, O son, is the nutriment for the soul.
  • نیست غیر نور آدم را خورش ** از جز آن جان نیابد پرورش 1955
  • Man hath no food but the light: the soul does not obtain nourishment from aught but that.
  • زین خورشها اندک اندک باز بر ** کین غذای خر بود نه آن حر
  • Little by little cut (yourself) off from these (material) foods— for these are the nutriment of an ass, nQt that of a free (noble) man—
  • تا غذای اصل را قابل شوی ** لقمه‌های نور را آکل شوی
  • So that you may become capable of (absorbing) the original nutriment and may eat habitually the dainty morsels of the light.
  • عکس آن نورست کین نان نان شدست ** فیض آن جانست کین جان جان شدست
  • ‘Tis (from) the reflexion of that light that this bread has become bread; ‘tis (from) the overflowing of that (rational) soul that this (animal) soul has become soul.
  • چون خوری یکبار از ماکول نور ** خاک ریزی بر سر نان و تنور
  • When you eat once of the light you will pour earth over the (material) bread and oven.
  • عقل دو عقلست اول مکسبی ** که در آموزی چو در مکتب صبی 1960
  • Intelligence consists of two intelligences; the former is the acquired one which you learn, like a boy at school,
  • از کتاب و اوستاد و فکر و ذکر ** از معانی وز علوم خوب و بکر
  • From book and teacher and reflexion and (committing to) memory, and from concepts, and from excellent and virgin (hitherto unstudied) sciences.
  • عقل تو افزون شود بر دیگران ** لیک تو باشی ز حفظ آن گران
  • (By this means) your intelligence becomes superior to (that of) others; but through preserving (retaining in your mind) that (knowledge) you are heavily burdened.