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  • زانک بی‌خود فانی است و آمنست ** تا ابد در آمنی او ساکنست
  • For the selfless one has passed away (in God) and is safe: he is dwelling in safety for ever.
  • نقش او فانی و او شد آینه ** غیر نقش روی غیر آن جای نه 2140
  • His form has passed away and he has become a mirror: naught is there but the form (image) of the face of another.
  • گر کنی تف سوی روی خود کنی ** ور زنی بر آینه بر خود زنی
  • If you spit (at it), you spit at your own face; and if you strike at the mirror, you strike at yourself;
  • ور ببینی روی زشت آن هم توی ** ور ببینی عیسی و مریم توی
  • And if you see an ugly face (in that mirror), ’tis you; and if you see Jesus and Mary, ’tis you.
  • او نه اینست و نه آن او ساده است ** نقش تو در پیش تو بنهاده است
  • He is neither this nor that: he is simple (pure and free from attributes of self): he has placed your image before you.
  • چون رسید اینجا سخن لب در ببست ** چون رسید اینجا قلم درهم شکست
  • When the discourse reached this point, it closed its lips; when the pen reached this point, it broke to pieces.
  • لب ببند ار چه فصاحت دست داد ** دم مزن والله اعلم بالرشاد 2145
  • Close thy lips (O my soul): though eloquence is at thy command, do not breathe a word—and God best knoweth the right way.
  • برکنار بامی ای مست مدام ** پست بنشین یا فرود آ والسلام
  • O you who are drunken with the wine (of love), you are on the edge of the roof: sit down or (else) descend, and peace be with you!
  • هر زمانی که شدی تو کامران ** آن دم خوش را کنار بام دان
  • Every moment when you enjoy (union with the Beloved), deem that delightful moment to be the edge of the roof.
  • بر زمان خوش هراسان باش تو ** هم‌چو گنجش خفیه کن نه فاش تو
  • Be trembling for (fear of losing) the delightful moment: conceal it like a treasure, do not divulge it.