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  • کو ز شب مظلم‌تر و تاری‌ترست ** لیک خفاش شقی ظلمت‌خرست
  • For it is darker and more murky than night; but the miserable bat is a buyer (seeker) of darkness.
  • اندک اندک خوی کن با نور روز ** ورنه خفاشی بمانی بیفروز
  • Little by little accustom yourself to the daylight, else you will remain a bat deprived of splendour.
  • عاشق هر جا شکال و مشکلیست ** دشمن هر جا چراغ مقبلیست 2185
  • He (the bat-like person) is the lover of every place where there is difficulty and perplexing doubt, and the enemy of every place where there is the lamp of (spiritual) felicity
  • ظلمت اشکال زان جوید دلش ** تا که افزون‌تر نماید حاصلش
  • His heart seeks the darkness of perplexity in order that his acquirements may seem greater (than they are),
  • تا ترا مشغول آن مشکل کند ** وز نهاد زشت خود غافل کند
  • So that he may preoccupy you with that difficult question and make you oblivious of his own evil nature.
  • علامت عاقل تمام و نیم‌عاقل و مرد تمام و نیم‌مرد و علامت شقی مغرور لاشی
  • The marks of the wholly intelligent and the half-intelligent and the whole man and the half-man and the deluded worthless wretch doomed to perdition.
  • عاقل آن باشد که او با مشعله‌ست ** او دلیل و پیشوای قافله‌ست
  • The intelligent man is he who hath the lamp: he is the guide and leader of the caravan.
  • پیرو نور خودست آن پیش‌رو ** تابع خویشست آن بی‌خویش‌رو
  • That leader is one who goes after his own light: that selfless traveller is the follower of himself.
  • ممن خویشست و ایمان آورید ** هم بدان نوری که جانش زو چرید 2190
  • He is the one that puts faith in himself; and he also puts faith in the Light (Núr-i Mohammedí) by which his soul was fed.
  • دیگری که نیم‌عاقل آمد او ** عاقلی را دیده‌ی خود داند او
  • The other, who is the half-intelligent, deems an (entirely) intelligent person to be his eye,
  • دست در وی زد چو کور اندر دلیل ** تا بدو بینا شد و چست و جلیل
  • And has clutched him as the blind man clutches the guide, so that through him he has become seeing and active and illustrious.