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  • وآن خری کز عقل جوسنگی نداشت ** خود نبودش عقل و عاقل را گذاشت
  • But (as for) the ass who had not a single barley-corn's weight of intelligence, who possessed no intelligence himself and forsook the intelligent (guide),
  • ره نداند نه کثیر و نه قلیل ** ننگش آید آمدن خلف دلیل
  • (Who) knows neither much nor little of the way (and yet) disdains to go behind the guide,
  • می‌رود اندر بیابان دراز ** گاه لنگان آیس و گاهی بتاز 2195
  • He is journeying in a long wilderness, now limping in despair and now (advancing) at a run.
  • شمع نه تا پیشوای خود کند ** نیم شمعی نه که نوری کد کند
  • He hath neither a candle, that he should make it his leader, nor half a candle, that he should beg a light.
  • نیست عقلش تا دم زنده زند ** نیم‌عقلی نه که خود مرده کند
  • He hath neither (perfect) intelligence, that he should breathe the breath of the living, nor hath he a half-intelligence, that he should make himself dead.
  • مرده‌ی آن عاقل آید او تمام ** تا برآید از نشیب خود به بام
  • He (the half-intelligent one) becomes wholly dead in (devotion to) the man of (perfect) intelligence, that he may ascend from his own low place to the (lofty) roof.
  • عقل کامل نیست خود را مرده کن ** در پناه عاقلی زنده‌سخن
  • (If) you have not perfect intelligence, make yourself dead under the protection of an intelligent man whose words are living.
  • زنده نی تا همدم عیسی بود ** مرده نی تا دمگه عیسی شود 2200
  • He (the man devoid of intelligence) is not living, that he should breathe in accord with (a) Jesus, nor is he dead, that he should become a channel for the (life-giving) breath of (a) Jesus.
  • جان کورش گام هر سو می‌نهد ** عاقبت نجهد ولی بر می‌جهد
  • His blind spirit is stepping in every direction: it will not escape in the end, but it is leaping up.
  • قصه‌ی آن آبگیر و صیادان و آن سه ماهی یکی عاقل و یکی نیم عاقل وان دگر مغرور و ابله مغفل لاشی و عاقبت هر سه
  • Story of the lake and the fishermen and the three fishes, one intelligent and one half intelligent and the third deluded, foolish, heedless and good-for-naught; and the end of all three.
  • قصه‌ی آن آبگیرست ای عنود ** که درو سه ماهی اشگرف بود
  • This, O obstinate man, is the story of the lake in which there were three great fishes.